Cubs Learn More In Defeat

Jon Lester, St. Patrick's Day, Chicago Cubs

Jon Lester is human. There, I said it finally. It could be the dry desert sun or chalk it up to spring training fatigue, but yesterday, Jon Lester was bad.

Perhaps. Five runs on seven hits? Those aren’t good odds, and that’s all right. Lester has to get used to Castillo. It’s not going to be easy, but the season is 162 games.

“I’d throw a pitch, throw it where I wanted, stay behind the ball, throw it well and two pitches later, I’m back to 2-1 or behind in the count, whatever the scenario was,” Lester said. “Nothing today was crisp, things were flat, up in the zone. I was just not able to repeat and make pitches and minimize damage.

Isn’t there an old saying that goes,”You learn more in defeat than in winning.”  so many people have put their own spin on that phrase. They should bottle that phrase and put it into the spring training definition. That’s the mantra of Cactus/Grapefruit League.

This is the second time that Lester has worked with the Duke Welington Castillo.

“I’m the one chucking the ball,” he said. “He’s not.”

Even though they say the Cubs could carry three catchers, I’m still thinking Castillo will be catching for another team.

Hey, maybe Lester should throw a learning curve ball? To be fair to the Cubs, the Padres are expected to do big things just like the Cubs, so if anyone is going to shake things up for the team, it’s the Padres.

“I have a hard time stepping back and going, ‘It’s just Spring Training,'” he said. “The competitiveness and wanting to succeed is always there, whether it’s now or October.”

Today is St. Patrick’s Day. The day St. Paddy drove the snakes out of Ireland, brought Christianity to it or sat down with a pint of Guinness. It all depends on your take of things but one thing I know is that today, everything is green in the baseball world.

From Green caps to clovers, it’s a celebration of spring and baseball so pick your favourite game and enjoy a pint.

Believe it.

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