A Canuck Cubbie On The North Side

Sleepy Chicago Cub

Well, the rain held out and the sun poked through but the Cubs streak ended. The Pirates defeated the Cubs 3-0. Yeah, it would have been nice to see the Cubs win. It could have been a good luck charm with a family of Canadians travelling down to the Windy City(which it lives up to the name) to cheer on the blue bears but it didn’t happen. Instead, the atmosphere was fantastic and the seats were incredible. We were section 131 Row 7. Anthony Rizzo could have answered us back when we were shouting, “Lets Go Rizzo!”

I don’t think it was anything the Cubs did wrong except Kris Bryant leaving the game due to”Dehydration” which could have been a little out late on a Saturday night. I don’t know.

“McCutchen was extremely good today in center field,” said Jake Arrieta, who fell to 4-1 with a 2.43 ERA all-time against the Pirates. “He made at least two really tough catches.”

Which the former MVP played very well. I have to give Andrew McCutchen that credit.

It was hard to follow the game closely because there was so much to take in. The scoreboard, the great seats even Budweiser tasted better at the park. It wasn’t just the Friendly Confines of Wrigley Field that made the game so special, it was everyone that we talked to in Chicago, a great bunch that made us Canadians feel at home.

During the game, my wife whispered to me, “It’s such a good day, I don’t want it to end.” That’s when I realized how right Ernie Banks was about the place and the game.

There was a moment during the game where I didn’t feel like a tourist. In many ways everything felt familiar almost as if this was just another day and my family and I were just taking the Red Line to the game.

Our son Darcy ran the bases which he thought was awesome and I have to tell you that even the brief moment that I walked along the warning track was very cool. It was inspiring to see the Field the way the players see it.

So what is the magic behind the game? Is it the Ivy? The scoreboard? the grass? The magic is in the game

Next time we come down to Chicago, we’ll take in two.

Believe it


  1. Minoring In Baseball · May 18, 2015

    Glad you and your family had such a great time at the game. I’m still hoping to make it to Wrigley in August, and give my boys that thrill. With everything going on at the games, I keep wondering why fans want it to speed up? At the ballpark is a break from reality, all problems left at the gate. Why wouldn’t you want to enjoy that for as long as possible?


    • Mark Gauthier · May 20, 2015

      You know it Mike. We just got in the door at home. We might head to Philly in September to catch the Cubs there. It was an awesome day. That catch that Fowler made was great, but other than that the whole game was a blur.

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