Cubs Prove Formidable Foe Against Nationals

Chicago Cubs

That was a pretty impressive win last night as the Chicago Cubs narrowly beat the Washington Nationals 3-2. In fact, they’re still searching for Kris Bryant’s home run ball.

“I thought it was over the board,” Joe Maddon said. “It was really pummeled. That got everybody stirring a little bit.”

Addison Russell with the walk-off winner. Pretty darn awesome.

“Addison coming up huge — he was due for a big day today,” Kris Bryant said. “That was awesome to see that out of him. He’s only 21 years old. The kid’s going to be special.”

Another thing that was impressive was the play of Kyle Hendricks. The Professor coming off of a complete game pitched another great game. I tell ya, I can’t say enough about the kid. He seems like he came out of that corn field in Idaho with Shoeless Joe.

If the season were to end today, the Cubs would be in position for a Wild Card spot. Do you guys get the feeling that there’s a rivalry brewing against the Nationals? Man, those two teams are playing each other well and tonight’s matchup is shaping to be a pretty intense game with Jon Lester and Max Scherzer on the mounds.

“He throws a baseball and it looks like a whiffle ball from the side,” Maddon said. “It just moves so much. At that time [with the Tampa Bay Rays], I was hoping he’d stay in the National League. Now I’m wishing he was back in the American League. He’s got that kind of a free, funky delivery. I think it’s really hard to pick the ball up on him.”

Speaking of Wiffle Balls, our son Darcy picked up his uniform yesterday for Tee Ball with the games beginning next week. His shirt is orange and when the coach asked him what number he wanted to wear, well, he said #10. Folks, he doesn’t know who Ron Santo is but it kind of sent chills down the back of my neck because it was a poignant reminder about how good the game of baseball is. Now, I never met Ron Santo and my only experience of him was the broadcast booth like most of you. However, I can almost guarantee that Ron will be cheering on every kid this summer as they take their first swing and that someday, that kid just might hit that Wrigley Field scoreboard.

Believe it

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