David Ross Seals The Deal For Cubs

Chicago Cubs Win

What’s going on with David Ross? Last night he threw the winning out to Anthony Rizzo and provided Cubs fans with that spectacular play as the Cubs went on to win 2-1 over the Washington Nationals and end the Cubs losing streak.

“I got rid of the ball a lot better than I had been tonight,” David Ross said. “It’s nice. I feel good throwing. I haven’t been throwing out a lot of guys out this year, so it’s nice to get a couple in.”

Not just Ross’s play but Jake Arrieta also continued his amazing year on the mound, delivering eight strikeouts over six innings of work.

“Curveball was as good as it’s been all year,” Arrieta said. “I was able to throw it in the middle [of the plate], but underneath the zone, at will for the most part to give the appearance of a belt-high fastball.”

Yes, the Cubs looked very impressive against the struggling Nationals. Now, the club sits with a record of 28-24. Not bad, considering last year’s position was nowhere near that record at this time of the year.

So where do the Cubs go from here? Well, of course they have to continue to be ahead of their record but Pittsburgh has now entered the race with a half game jump on the Cubs. The Cubs are .500 on the road and that’s got to improve. It doesn’t really matter what their home record is, although winning at home provides its own rewards. It’s those pesky road wins that really matter. Look at the Cardinals and the Pirates and that’ll give an explanation as to why they’re doing well.

As far as last night’s victory is concerned, Joe Maddon is pleased with his team’s performance.

“I love it. Absolutely love it,” Maddon said. “If he actually had thrown the ball down the right-field corner, I would’ve been fine. I would’ve been absolutely fine with the whole play because it was the right thing to do.”

Nobody said this season was going to be gift wrapped for the Cubs but most things they’re doing are the right things and that’s all this fan can ask for.

Believe it

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  1. Compwhiz 3001 · June 5, 2015

    David Ross single-handedly stopped me from writing a post this morning about how Rondon is an overrated modern day Mitch Williams. Great job last night David and keep up the good work!


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