There’s No Place Like Home For Cubs

Chicago Cubs Wrigley Field

Maybe we should start calling Miggy “The Magnificent” add it to the long lines of cheesy nicknames to pro athletes. Yesterday, Miguel Montero destroyed the ball with a three run homer to help the Chicago Cubs defeat the Cincinnati Reds 6-3

“It’s just about being more aggressive at the plate and being ready to hit,” Montero said. “Before that, I wasn’t ready to hit, and I was probably over-thinking. I was probably trying to think along with the pitcher instead of staying in my approach and staying just looking for one pitch to hit. Just see the ball, hit the ball, rather than think with the pitcher.”

Now, baseball is a funny game. We know it, the players know it and now the statisticians know it as well. Montero is the first player to hit a home run in the new bleachers with fans in attendance.


An area of concern for the Cubs is Tsuyoshi Wada He didn’t get the win last night and was pulled relatively early, even for Wada. Was he rushed back into the game? in many ways, I think he should go to the bullpen and have Edwin in the rotation. You know, just to mix it up.

“Wada struggled tonight, and it’s going to happen as a starter — we’ve all been there,”Travis Wood said. “I was just happy to step up and eat some innings there and keep us with the lead. The rest of the bullpen did their job as well.”

Remember when I said that baseball is a funny game? Well, it can also do funny things with your mind. If a pitcher thinks they’re throwing their best stuff and it’s just not getting across the plate in the right way like for example, certain umpires not calling strikes when apparently they are strikes. Well, that just isn’t right. That’s baseball. For that, it’s got a lot in common with golf. Looks easy, but it ain’t.

“It wasn’t as bad as the last game,” Wada said of his 3 2/3 innings against the Nationals on June 5, when he gave up five runs on nine hits. “I just can’t make the adjustment. It’s not the way I pitch. I just can’t find it right now.”

Believe it

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