Cubs Get Their Phillies From Hamels

Chicago Cubs

There’s a couple of things the Cubs have learned about yesterday’s no-hitter by Cole Hamels.

  • The Cubs will take a closer look at Hamels and he could be in the rotation next month throwing no-hitters for the Northsiders.
  • The Cubs need some more work if they’re going to make the post season.

“He was great today,” Cubs starter Jake Arrieta said. “We couldn’t really get anything going against him. We had several guys with good at-bats, but he had everything working. His breaking ball was really good, his changeup. … Cole was special today.”

The last time a Cubs team was a victim of a no-hitter, Sandy Koufax was throwing heat for the LA Dodgers.

The reason I say this is that along with David Price, the Cubs are looking at Cole Hamels as a possible trade deadline acquisition. Whomever lands on the Northside, the bottom line is exactly that; one of those guys should be in a Cubs uniform soon.

“I’m a professional at getting no-hit,” Joe Maddon said. “I’ve experienced four perfect games against, three as a manager, one as a coach, plus several no-hitters. Give the credit to Hamels. Don’t denigrate our guys. Credit Cole Hamels today. He pitched that well.”

As I mentioned earlier about the Cubs needing more work in the area of their rookies. They’re in a slump. That’s not a bad thing, but getting out out of it could prove tricky. They’re rookies. Kris Bryant and Addison Russell haven’t been in this kind of slump before and I kind of thought with the Cubs facing the Phillies, they’d break out of it against a not so great team.

“You want to encourage them as much as you can,” Coghlan said. “You don’t expect to struggle. You just think you’re going to continue on this torrid pace, and that’s not baseball. I hate to say it, I’m not being negative, but there’s no way Schwarber is going to hit .400. That’s why the game’s so difficult and nobody hits .400. It’s a grind.”

Nobody since Ted Williams has hit .400 Schwarber could hit .400 Kris Bryant could wind up hitting .400 but the likelihood is the same as a wind chill factor in hell.

They’re 1.5 games behind in the wild card race. The time is now.

Believe it.

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