Cubs Are Hottest Team In Baseball. Extend Streak To Five In A Row

Chicago Cubs

Starlin Castro almost lost it for the Cubs yesterday. A routine play was bobbled resulting in a first and third situation with two out in the ninth. It was a nail biter for sure but the Cubs went on to beat sweep the Milwaukee Brewers, 4-3 and keep in the Wild Card chase.

“It’s great what we did here. We’ve been playing well. We got the Phillies at the wrong moment, otherwise we’ve been OK. We catch Milwaukee at the right time when they’re making adjustments.” Joe Maddon said.

Now the Cubs will face their toughest challenge this season when they square off against Pittsburgh and the San Francisco Giants. I know I’ve said that before but these series are truly a test for them because both teams are fighting for that Wild Card position as well and of course a sweep over at least one of the teams could potentially secure the Wild Card spot but not only that, it’s nearing the end of the season and if the Cubs get into the playoffs, it’ll give them the momentum they need in October.

“That’s part of the learning process with the young guys is to not look too far ahead and not focus on scoreboard watching,” Jason Hammel said. “A week ago, we got swept by [the Phillies] who are 15, 20 games under .500. It’s baseball — you can’t take things for granted and the whole idea of taking one pitch at a time, one game at a time is why teams win and get to the playoffs. It’s the idea of not getting ahead of yourself and not getting too down on yourself. You have to keep an even keel.”

With the Cubs riding a five game winning streak, the best in the majors and Anthony Rizzo’s bat being on a hot streak, the upcoming series should prove to be a very exciting matchup. I’m confident with this series that whoever  wins this series wins the Wild Card.

“To really ascend in the division, you have to play the better teams within your group and beat them, and to beat them where they live is important also,” Maddon said.

Believe it.


  1. mlblogscatlovesthedodgers · August 3, 2015

    The Dodgers are right behind with a 4 game winning streak. It was exciting sweeping a good team like the Angels whom I always fear. Good luck to your Cubs!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Mark Gauthier · August 3, 2015

      The Dodgers are always a dangerous team. I don’t think the Angels are anyone to fear right now. Dodgers are going to be big this fall.

      Liked by 1 person

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