Cubs Were On Sale Against White Sox

Chicago Cubs

As the saying goes, “All Good Things Must End” it was a fun ride but as the Cubs were defeated by Chris Sale and the Chicago White Sox 3-1, I couldn’t help but think that maybe, just maybe this might have been the best thing to happen to the Cubs.

Here’s what’s going to happen should the Cubs make the post season.

They are going to face some amazing pitching. So, it’s a good thing that they faced Chris Sale’s 15 strikeout tour de force.

“You’re not going to win them all, man,” Joe Maddon said. “That doesn’t happen. We’ve been playing really well. We continue to play really well. Today we just ran into a good pitcher and that was the difference in the game.”

Considering the Cubs had the bases loaded in the sixth inning and somehow, Sale got out of that, well, that’s good pitching and the Cubs needed to face that.

Another player who needed to see that is Kyle Hendricks. He’s been struggling lately and I know he was watching carefully at how Sale was doing.

“Everybody has different mechanics,” Hendricks said. “Some guys are rotational. For me, being rotational is not good at all. I have to be on line, my shoulders square, then I can get to the bottom of the zone.”

The Cubs have a much needed day off today so Joe Maddon can wash his socks before taking on the Detroit Tigers tomorrow at Wrigley Field.

“The team’s been doing great and swinging the bats great,” said Cubs starter Dan Haren. “Today wasn’t the best day, but the bats have been there for the two weeks I’ve been here. I don’t think anyone is really going to hang their heads — just come out Tuesday and get back home and start winning again.”

Apparently, Joe has only washed his socks once since June 29th. Now, either he’s been sleeping in Cousin Eddie (In reference to his RV) or his wife is a pretty understanding person because I know win streak or not, my wife would not tolerate a pair of stinky old socks.

Believe it.

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