Cubs Have Moxy In Win Over Braves

Chicago Cubs

If this were any other year, fans of the Chicago Cubs would say that the team has Moxy. Why? Because they’re young, not as experienced as the other clubs and well, we’re all just glad that they’re doing well.

Yesterday, the Cubs walloped the Atlanta Braves by a score of 5-3. A lot of people talk about that, Don’t quit” mentality that the Cubs have, but is it that they don’t quit or is it that suddenly this season, the Cubs are just too damn good?

“It exemplifies, typifies that we do not quit,” said manager Joe Maddon. “You had to fight through a lot of little adverse baseball moments there, and we did.”

Get over it Joe, the team has been doing it all season long. Finally, the club is a well balanced machine capable of beating opponents at any part of the game.

Except pitching. Yes, the Cubs are struggling a little bit there. Jason Hammel and Kyle Hendricks need to get back the form they’ve misplaced recently or I’m afraid along with the many Cubs fans out there that it could be October 2016 when the post season arrives.

Yesterday Kyle Hendricks last 5 innings giving up 3 runs. I feel bad for the kid. Something’s gotten into his head this year and believe me, if there’s any pitcher out there that is working hard to right his own ship, it’s the “Professor” Maybe they have to stick Travis Wood in there until things go right, I don’t know.

“I felt a big improvement, that’s why it’s still a little frustrating giving up three runs there, but in the end, I am happy,” Hendricks said. “It felt 100 times better. My arm felt more free, more on line and I made a lot more good pitches. I wasn’t expecting it to be 100 percent in the first start after what we’ve been working on, but hopefully we can turn it around quick.”

Two key players that the Cubs have is Miguel Montero and Chris Coghlan.

Coghlan homered to lift his totals to a career high of 15 while Miguel Montero continues to put up decent numbers while providing leadership to the younger guys.

“We know that if we’re down in the score we’re going to come back at some point, and that’s part of the confidence, part of the winning attitude,” said Miguel Montero.”It feels great.”

Believe it


  1. Frank · August 23, 2015

    I’m happy for the Cubs wish they were better for Soriano he put his heart in everything he did for team! Ok now my Rant I been posting things about my Atlanta Braves I am their biggest fan! There is no doubt about it Freddie Gonzalas Needs To Go He cannot manage Shit never could doesn’t argue enough TP terry pendelton should be manager also it’s time for Roger McDowell to go to any fan of the Braves true fan knows Leo mazzonie is still rocking wanting to get a call if not Eddie Perez pitching coach I’m so sick of losing at least try Freddie you are the reason we cannot win. I can go on and on u deserve to be fired we deserve better us Braves fans are Fed Up Mr Hart What is Wrong With You Bobby Cox Open Your Eyes TP for Manager! Stop Trying to save a washed up no good I can win more series then Freddie Gonzalas he is the WORST we EVER HAD I Been A fan Since 1968

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