Kris Bryant Hits Two Home Runs as Cubs Sweep Atlanta Braves

Wrigley Field

When the Cubs signed Dexter Fowler, his job was to get on base, plain and simple but in yesterday afternoon’s 9-3 destruction of the Atlanta Braves, Dexter Fowler began with a lead off home run. That’s the perfect scenerio to kick off any game.

“It’s been like that my whole career, so I’m kind of accustomed to hitting leadoff,” Fowler said. “I just try to get on base and let the big boys do what they need to do.”

Those “Big Boys” were Kris Bryant who hit two, Kyle Schwarber and Miguel Montero. It’s not too many times that a team can hit five home runs in a game and lose.

The rookie race has heated up with Bryant’s two home runs as well. He’s four behind Joc Pederson of the Dodgers

The Cubs have won four straight and the best team in the National league for August.

There was a scary part in the game when a fan got hit by a foul ball off the bat of Kyle Schwarber.

“What I’m saying is, when you’re at the ballpark and you’re in those particular locations, watch what’s going on. Don’t turn your head away from the action. Every time a ball is pitched you look, then you can go and talk.” Madden said.

The fan was immediately taken to the hospital.

The Cubs are 6 1/2 back of the Cardinals but those pesky birds just won’t quit. The race will go down to the last day for sure.

“What I like is that we didn’t settle for a split, we didn’t settle for three out of four, we came out and played it for four out of four,” Cubs manager Joe Maddon said. “And that’s impressive. You gotta give our players and coaches a lot for credit for that.”

What’s really impressive about the way the Cubs have played this year is they’re not at the top of any category except Strikeouts and that can be said for the amount of rookies on the team. They also lead baseball in walks which is weird because of the plate discipline. That would undermine the logic of a young team. They’re also last in the National League in hits. For a team that just crushed five home runs?

That’s all Joe Maddon.

Believe it

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