Cubs Shutout Cardinals in Wild Victory

Chicago Cubs

This time of year can bring  those finger nails down quite a bit. Most years it’s the hair that gets pulled out but this year it’s those nails.

That’s a good thing.

Yesterday, the Cubs demolished the mighty St. Louis Cardinals 9-0. In their house. That’s right, on the Cardinal’s turf, the Cubs showed who’s boss.

“I just liked the way we played,” Cubs manager Joe Maddon said. “We have to learn to play well in this venue. We have to become more comfortable in the venue, and then you play your normal game there and compete with this team. I thought we played well today.”

Respect 90. Respect the Cubs.

“You’ve got to get the team in front of you first. I’ve said from the beginning, our objective was to win the division. You’ve got to catch the group in front of you and move on to the next one. Let’s just play tomorrow like we played today.” Maddon said.

That’s a good mantra to live by.

It helps when you have players like Dexter Fowler who has stepped up his play since the All Star break. it’s often been said that the Lead Off hitter sets the tone and well, the Cubs recent success has Dexter Fowler’s stamp all over it.

But he’s not quite ready to take all the credit.

“We’re totally different,” Fowler said. “Guys have matured. The young guys coming up know they’re supposed to be here, and they’re playing the part.”

So as I sit here typing this post and sipping coffee from a battered Chicago Cubs mug, it’s September 8 folks and the Chicago Cubs are in a playoff race, but not just a playoff race, they’re shooting for the Division lead. Cardinals and Cubs rivalry is in peak form.

Players throughout the order are hitting the ball and suddenly a thought occurred to me. Perhaps Mr. Cub is looking down on the guys, smiling and sharing in this optimism.

“I kind of love it; I hope our guys love it as much,” Maddon said. “This is what it’s supposed to be like this time of year. You have to beat the better teams to be the best team. So let’s go. Let’s do this thing.”

Believe it.

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