Jon Lester Puts On A Show For Cubs

Anthony Rizzo

There’s no question that as far as baseball players go, the Cubs have some of the toughest players in the game today. In the Cubs’ double header yesterday, they lost 5-4 in the first game and won 2-1 in last night’s duel.

The Cubs sit four games back of Pittsburgh, but to show you how badly the team wants it, both games were decided by one run. In the first, the Cubs came from behind but couldn’t close it out.

Granted, Jason Hammels struggled in the first inning allowing three runs. If that didn’t happen, the Cubs would have won.

“What I’m doing right now isn’t acceptable,” Hammel said. “I have to get to work. We’re running out of time. I take a lot of pride in my work and everything and, obviously, it’s not translating. I can’t get down on myself. Outstanding job by the guys to bounce back again today and make a game of it. They’ve been doing that too often. I need to start pulling my own weight here.”

To be fair to Jason even with his rough outing, the Pirates showed why they’re one step ahead of the Cubs.

Last night’s game showed the impressive skills of Jon Lester. The high priced pitcher earned his keep by displaying his prowess on the mound and going a complete game.

He pitched, he hit, he came to kick some Pirate’s behind.

“This is what he does,” Maddon said. “He likes pitching in big games in the latter part of the season. It’s not a surprise.”

That’s exactly what Lester did. He saved his best stuff for last. You’ve heard of the term,”Sleeper” well, Lester has shown why he could very well be the sleeper player on the Cubs, even though he was signed to be the player.

Ah baseball.

“When I signed here, I envisioned winning a World Series, not playing September baseball,” Lester said. “Hopefully, we can get to that point.”

I think he’s got a point., don’t you agree?

Tonight’s game is going to be a big one when Jake Arrieta  goes after his 20th win of the year.

Believe it.

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