Cubs Take Batting Practice Against Reds

Chicago Cubs

It took a rain delay of over two hours before the Chicago Cubs got down to business against the Cincinnati Reds. They didn’t disappoint by beating the Reds 4-1.

Dan Haren got the start in what very well could be his last Major League outing(unless of course, those wily Cubs go farther in the post season)

“I’m confident I can get the job done. That said, it’s just been a pleasure being around the guys. I’ll be there with them in the dugout regardless. When my name’s called, I’ll be ready for sure.”Haren said.

Now, there’s going to be a lot of discussion about Manager of The Year. Should Joe Maddon be a lock for the award? There’s been some really good things in baseball. In the American League, AJ Hinch of Houston Astros and John Gibbons in Toronto have done outstanding jobs. In the National League along with Maddon is Terry Collins of the New York Mets and ugh, Clint Hurdle from the Pittsburgh Pirates

So, who is it going to be? Of course I’m going to make my case for Maddon. He’s been a huge part of the on field success of the Chicago Cubs, but it’s his attitude off of the field that matters to the club. He walks around like there’s no reason to have a curse or perhaps the fear of a drought hanging over his head. No pressure. He keeps things loose and brings back the fun in baseball.

“I do vibrate on a different frequency, man,” Maddon said. “I’m not worried about that stuff. I don’t understand those kinds of concepts. So, really, for me, it’s a moot point.”

And there’s the De Facto. There’s no curse, there’s no superstition and there’s no reason to not believe the Cubs have a chance to win the World Series. It doesn’t matter who the Cubs will face in the Wild Card game. They have to face someone. What makes this team so special is that I could name all the players who’ve contributed to this memorable season but it’s been a team effort in every sense of the word.  I’m not one of those fans who say,”I’m just happy they’re in the playoffs”


I want them to win the whole thing. I knew they’d be good, you faithful readers(believe me, I think it’s awesome that you still read my blog) believed the Cubs would do it.

They’re not the “2014 Kansas City Royals” underdogs. They’re the 2015 Chicago Cubs and they bite.

Believe it.

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