Cubs Have Something In Common With Keith Richards As They Hope To Fly The W

Chicago Cubs

This is the big day, the moment has arrived. Tonight, the Chicago Cubs play the Pittsburgh Pirates in a one game showdown(Which I’d prefer a three game matchup, but that’s another post).

As was mentioned in my post yesterday, most experts are predicting a Cubs victory over the Bucs. So, let’s discuss why they’ll win.

The Cubs have versatility. They’ve got players like Kyle Schwarber and Kris Bryant who can play a variety of positions. It’s that depth.

“I love the fact that we are so versatile,”Joe Maddon said. “I love that young players are not just stuck in one position.”

Tonight’s game is taylor made for the Cubs young rookies. Why? The uniqueness of the Cubs is that their young players don’t always play like young players. Kris Bryant most times performs like a veteran and let’s not forget that Kyle Schwarber is just a reincarnated Babe Ruth. The “Sultan of Schwarb”

Tonight it’s all about pitching. Jake Arrieta and Gerrit Cole are masters of the game. A low scoring slugfest is what it’s going to be tonight.

So, I was recently listening to Keith Richard’s awesome new record, ‘Crosseyed Heart and it got me to thinking how similar the Cubs are to the man.

  1. They’re both over 100 years old
  2. They’re making a comeback of sorts. Keith’s first cd in 23 years and the Cubs first post season appearance since 2008
  3. Both are receiving great reviews for their work.

Ok, that’s pretty much it. Maybe it was just a plug for Keith Richards. Anyway, I thought about it.

The thing is that tonight’s game is probably the most analyzed Cubs game in over ten years. How do you hit against Arrieta? Will Kris Bryant be the hero? Oh wait, there’s Addison Russell(who I’m expecting to have a huge game!)

“It’s going to come down to executing,” Arrieta said, “trying to keep guys off balance and disrupting timing. That’s something you can do regardless of how many times you face a lineup or face certain hitters.”

Tonight is destiny. Tonight the Cubs begin a journey that will potentially end a World Series drought. There’s an opportunity to end so called curses and tonight will be a showcase for all the young talent the Cubs have to offer.

Are they America’s team? Maybe.

Should the Cubs lose tonight, it could confirm the curse and it’ll extend a drought but one thing is for certain and that they won’t be a disappointment. They weren’t just a good team, they competed right to the final day of the season.

My son started hockey this year. In the dressing room while we were lacing up his skates, the coach was tossing out sweaters and he asked,”Who wants number 13?”

I whispered to my son,”You know who’s number that is? Starlin Castro”

My son smiled and pulled the sweater over his hockey gear.

You see folks, this could be a sign. New beginnings and a lucky 13

Fly The W

Believe it

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