Cubs Gave Us a Season To Remember and a Future To Believe

Oh, somewhere in this favored land the sun is shining bright;

the band is playing somewhere, and somewhere hearts are light,

and somewhere men are laughing, and somewhere children shout;

but there is no joy in Chicago — the mighty Cubbies have struck out.

Except this morning there is joy in Chicago. There is solace that next year will be Next Year. Perhaps the 2015 Post Season was just a warm up for greater and better things. This year, the Chicago Cubs accomplished many things that they’ve tried to do before. Promises were made and delivered.  Joe Maddon promised a Post Season. Anthony Rizzo guaranteed a National League Central Division title.

The promise was kept.

The Chicago Cubs didn’t play poorly against the New York Mets, they were beaten by a better team. Daniel Murphy set a MLB record for consecutive post season home runs with six. Well folks, when an MLB record is broken, chances are it’s going to be difficult to beat the man and the team that set it.

“They did not let us up for air at any point,” Cubs manager Joe Maddon said. “Their domination of the early part of the game and their pitching was impressive. They played well. They didn’t make mistakes. So it’s not so much to be disappointed in our performance. They were just that good for four days, man. I’ve got to give them credit.”

We do give the New York Mets credit. They were tough.

But this is a Chicago Cubs team that will be back next year. Stronger, focused and best of all, experienced. They had a whiff of the post season. They now know the feeling of beating the St. Louis Cardinals and as they collect possibly some hardware after the season is over, yes Joe Maddon is likely to be named Manager of The Year, Jake Arrieta will win the Cy Young and Kris Bryant will collect Rookie of The Year honours, these Cubs for once in a long time live up to their namesake. They are young, hungry and ready for next spring.

“You can’t be too upset about the situation because of where we came as a team,” Jake Arrieta said. “I’m not big on outside expectations, but we accomplished a lot as a team. Ninety-seven games in a really competitive division with experienced teams — we played well from start to finish and got better as our young players got acclimated to this level and consistently had success. It stings right now to get swept, but to be one of four standing at the end of the year and still playing meaningful games in the middle of October is pretty special. We have to be happy with that and use it as motivation moving forward and understand the things we did well and try to get better at that and come back stronger for next year.”

I had fun as well, this was the best year for The Canuck Cubbie. I had the privilege of sharing the enthusiasm for Cubs baseball with new followers while chatting it up with the veterans. The blog will continue through the off season with great Chicago Cubs news and excitement for next year.

“The fans, going out there and tipping our caps to them at the end, they were behind us from day one. In my four years here, them being behind us, seeing it all come together this year had been unbelievable.” Anthony Rizzo said.

Thank you Chicago Cubs, see you next year!

Believe it.

One comment

  1. Minoring In Baseball · October 23, 2015

    This is definitely the beginning, not the end, of a run of good Cubs’ teams. The next few seasons should be very entertaining for sure. Thanks for all your work this season, Mark! It was a fun one for sure.


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