Welcome Home Dexter

Dexter Fowler, Chicago Cubs

How did the explosive Chicago Cubs become that much better?

Why, they signed free agent Dexter Fowler. In a surprising deal yesterday, arguably the best lead-off hitter in the game re signed with the Chicago Cubs after a rumoured deal with the Baltimore Orioles never came to fruition.

The details of the deal was a one year $8 million deal.

“When I read it the other day, and heard about it the other day, I was ready to text him and congratulate him,” Joe Maddon said of the rumored deal. “And then I was told not to do that. So I didn’t.”

Fowler will join Jason Heyward and Jorge Soler/ Kyle Schwarber in the intimidating outfield but it’s his leadoff ability where the Chicago Cubs are expected to shine.

Knowing the way Joe Maddon works, Fowler is more than likely expected to juggle duties with Ben Zobrist in the lead off position.

“I actually congratulated him because he didn’t have to file for unemployment,” Anthony Rizzo said. “I’m super excited to have him back. He’s one of my favorite guys last year on this team. It’s a great addition for us.”

In other Cubs news; Chris Coghlin was sent to the Oakland A’s for Starting Pitcher Aaron Brooks.

Coghlan was upset, and he’ll be the first one to tell you that,” Maddon said. “He enjoyed last year a lot. Being involved in a winning situation for the first time meant a lot to him personally.”

which was probably the main reason the Cubs were able to sign Fowler. I was a huge fan of Coghlan and being traded from the Cubs to the A’s would be a hard pill to swallow. I feel really bad for Chris.

Actually, the outfield is going to be very crowded and I’m going to bet that it’ll be Kyle Schwarber being the odd man out. He’ll probable see more time behind the plate than now that Fowler is back. It’s a tough problem to have but last year both Kyle and Jorge Soler struggled in the outfield but Soler’s got that rocket of an arm so I don’t really see Soler giving up much of his playing time to Schwarber.

Man, it’s going to be rough for Maddon every day.

According to Fowler, he has some unfinished business with the Cubs and it’ll be excitingly awkward the first time the Mets play the Cubs this season.

“We took those losses hard,” Fowler said. “Looking back, you see the Royals win a World Series and you’re like, that should’ve been us. Hopefully, we can do that this year.”

Money aside, nobody was more thrilled to see Dexter Fowler back in the pinstripes than me. He’s a good guy to have on the team and it’s always great to hear ballplayers talk more about the excitement of being on a team than dollars. He’s a team player and will bring that On Base perfection to the Cubs.

“My heart’s here,” said Fowler “I feel like the Cubs, they treated me with the utmost respect. With the offseason moves they made, you’ve got to go with what’s comfortable.”

That Pinstripe Cub blue is a pretty comfortable fit.

Believe it.


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