Cubs Feel Lucky in Vegas

Las Vegas

They say, “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas” but everybody knows that the annual Vegas game is something to look forward to every spring. Last night, the Chicago Cubs defeated the New York Mets, 5-1.

This is Kris Bryant‘s home town and he didn’t disappoint knocking in the run that would eventually guarantee a Cubs victory.

“I love this city. I have good memories from playing club ball to high school.” Bryant said.

Who doesn’t love that city?

As for Bryant, he’s looking to capitalize on an amazing rookie campaign last season which garnered him Rookie of The Year honours.

“It was a really good year for me and a lot of good things coming my way,” Bryant said. “There were a lot of opportunities and I’m grateful for them. I can’t put into words what last year was like. It was so much fun for me.”

He’s got to remember that because the pressure is on despite Joe Maddon’s mantra of “The Pleasure is the Pressure” There’s always going to be pressure on the player’s, especially Bryant but one thing I’ve seen from him last season is that coolness and maturity that doesn’t always transcend to the majors the way a lot of managers would like.

Kris is different.

“What Joe says a lot is ‘pressure is a privilege,'” Bryant said. “We wouldn’t want to be in any other position. We’re all embracing the situation we’re in. No pressure — we’re out here having fun. We know we have a pretty good team this year and we have to go out and play now.”

Speaking of pressure, Jake Arrieta has a lot to live up to this season as well, but like Bryant, there’s a coolness and calmness about him that probably contributed to his Cy Young in a record breaking 2015 season.  Coming off blister problems, Jake is ready for Opening Day.

“It was a record in all of baseball ever, so to say I’m going to have those numbers again is probably not realistic, but they’re going to be good, I know that,” Arrieta said.

The thing is that the team realizes the pressure and yet, there isn’t too much pressure surrounding the team at all. Nobody expects them to win in 2016. We know they’ll be good and it will be a fun season. They’ll go deep into the playoffs and should they come up short of the World Series, who cares? It’s a fun experience growing with the team.

“It’s something that’s hard to repeat,” catcher Miguel Montero said. “That could be the best year of his career. Even if he comes up and wins 18 games and has an ERA of 2.20 or 2.30 or 2.50, that’s a really good year, that’s Cy Young numbers right there, and people may be a little disappointed because of that? I don’t think you can be disappointed in that.”

Believe it.


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