Russell Rattles Reds in Cubs Home Opener

Addison Russell

Chalk another Opening Day into the history books. The Chicago Cubs came from behind to demolish the Cincinnati Reds with a score of 5-3 and Cubs fans across the States and Canada including Cubs fanatic Raymond Monckton from Toronto rejoiced in the team’s first Opening Day victory in five years.

The Cubs almost resembled the Mudville Nine if it weren’t for the with inning heroics of budding superstar Addison Russell  sent a torpedo  leather wrapped sphere into the crowd for a souvenir.  After the three run home run, the Cubs went up 5-3 and never looked back.


Yeah, I kind of like that for this season.

“I was just smiling, and trying to soak it in as much as I could, and trying to round the bases slow,” Russell said. “My heart was beating a lot. Once I stepped on the plate, it was an awesome feeling to see Jorge Soler and Ben Zobrist there. It was a great game for all of us tonight.”

What was just as impressive as the game was the crowd. It was playoff atmosphere clinging to every play and every foul tip.


Rightfully so. The fans have waited a long time for the Cubs to be this dominant. They know the players and wouldn’t settle for any mediocrity. No way. It is arguable that this is the most anticipated Cubs season in history.

The festivities were poignant after tributes to departed teammate Starlin Castro who was traded to the New York Yankees such as Anthony Rizzo deciding to use his walk up music “Ando en la Versace” by Omega much to the delight of the 40 000 fans.

“He’s been part of this organization for a long time,” Rizzo said. “He taught me a lot, how to be a big leaguer. Trading him was tough for a lot of us. To get the crowd excited like that was pretty cool.”

There was also standing ovation for Kyle Schwarber as he was introduced. He had a season ending injury so it was fitting that the team place his home run ball from last year’s NLDS  back on top of the Bud Board.

But the night was Russell’s. For this 22 year old to hit an Opening Night home run and undeniably christen the 2016 Major League Baseball season at Wrigley Field was nothing short of spectacular.

“To be able to take a walk, power a ball into the left-field stands, his whole game is going to keep improving because he’s strong and he cares and he works pretty hard,” Joe Maddon said. “Just appreciate that he’s only 22 and what he’s doing now.”

Then it’s only fitting that this 22 year old shine so bright in the hyped season of the Chicago Cubs.

Believe it.


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