Cubs Working on Their Field of Dreams With Help from Kevin Costner

John Lackey


Is it too early for John Lackey  to be considered for a Cy Young award? C’mon he’s a shoo in to win the coveted trophy. It’s one thing for the Chicago Cubs to beat rivals St. Louis Cardinals 5-0 in game one of their first series in 2016, but it’s another thing for Lackey, a former Cardinal, to get 11 strikeouts and be the only active player to have beaten every MLB team.

“It was a little weird at the beginning, warming up in the other bullpen, that sort of thing,” Lackey said. “I had a great time when I played here. No hard feelings on that situation. They went a different direction and I ended up in a great place.”

Keeping in mind that Lackey is  37 year old and he just collected 11 strikeouts. That’s a monumental achievement.

It was an important and emotional victory for the North Siders. Even though the Cardinals finished first last season, it was the Cubs that stole their thunder in the playoffs after defeating the Redbirds in four games.

This season, they poached two players in Lackey and Jason Heyward. It must have been a little awkward for both players staring across at the dugout.

“When I think about baseball, the way I learned playing it growing up is old-fashioned — you want to get dirty, play the game the right way, you want to do little things,” he said. “Big things are fun, home runs are fun, web gems are fun, but a team game is really emphasized in this division.”

Every time Heyward touched the ball or got near it, fans booed. Why not? it’s one of the most heated rivalries in sports.

But the night belonged to John Lackey. This is Field of Dreams stuff, Bull Durham and heck, even For Love of The Game.

Speaking about Kevin Costner, he wants to do one more baseball film. Guess who he wants to do the film about?

“I’ve got one more in me,” Costner told Larry King. “It has to do with the Cubs. I don’t know, I’ve gotta get it written.”

Yeah, I’ll be lining up to see that. The thought of Costner doing a film about our beloved Chicago Cubs sends chills down my spine.

The Chicago Cubs are currently the best in baseball, they have a 37 year old ace in their rotation and Kevin freakin’ Costner wants to do a movie about the Chicago Cubs. Could life not get any better?

“We’ve got a pretty good team here, and expectations are high, and we’re embracing those and we’re shooting high,” Lackey said. “It’s still early. Let’s play some baseball and see what happens.”

Believe it



  1. Level One Kenobi · April 19, 2016

    37 is not THAT old for a good pitcher. Yes a lot of guys are finished by then but it is also not hard to envision a performance like Lackey’s. Otherwise he would have no place on this team.

    Now, 39 for a backup catcher…that would be like a 55-year old NBA guard.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Mark Gauthier · April 20, 2016

    True, but I’m just comparing the rest of the pitching staff. I do think Lester is overrated and Lackey is slowly taking the “gleam” off of Lester’s signing.


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