Jake Arrieta

Arrieta’s No-Hitter Is A Thing Of Beauty

Jake Arrieta

There are nights when I go to sleep that I think I’ll wake up in the morning and Carlos Zambrano is still the pitcher and Carlos Marmol is the closer. Of course this is just a dream, probably a nightmare. Then when I wake up and realize that Jake Arrieta‘s dream season of 2015 is a reality and last night’s historical game happened the way it happened.

In the Cubs demolishing of the Cincinnati Reds by a score of 16-0, Arrieta threw a no-hitter. I was skeptical of Arrieta’s status as an ace. I swear last year was a fluke and that he couldn’t pull another no-hitter this year.

I was wrong.

Here’s some of the accolades that the game evoked:

  • It was the second largest margin of score since 1884 when the Buffalo Bisons beat the Detroit Wolverines 18-0 that a no hitter was thrown.
  • The Cubs 15th no hitter (Jake threw the 14th)
  • Arrieta is 3rd Cubs to have multiple no hitters
  • It was the 24th consecutive quality start by Arrieta.
  • Arrieta also went 2 for 4

Arrieta has certainly continued his amazing streak into this season. His record now is 4-0. It’s always hard to follow an award winning season with another that is equally as sharp but the stoic pitcher went out last night in front of a sparse Cincinnati crowd of 15, 000 and did his job the only way he knew how.

“It feels different the second time,” Arrieta said. “I was a little more relaxed as the game progressed. Based on the way I threw the ball before the game started, I anticipated having to grind through some at-bats and some innings a little more than I did. I was able to get the ball in on left-handed hitters for some called strikes and then go below the strike zone when I needed to for some big swings and misses. You put it all together and have conviction with what you’re throwing out there and good things can happen.”

Of course, he had help from the rest of the Cubs team like Mr. David “Grampa” Ross and 2015 rookie of the year, Kris Bryant who hit a grand slam.

Ross who is on his farewell tour, never caught a no-hitter but last night, he wanted to help out his ace by going 2 for 4 including his first home run of the season. Not bad for an old man. However, the night belonged to Arrieta.

“As a catcher and a guy who prides himself on calling a game and all that stuff, it’s one of those things I really, really wanted to do, or be a part of,” Ross said. “I feel like I didn’t do a whole lot. That animal was in control the whole time and knew exactly what he wanted to do, and he locked it in when he needed to.”

There was a time during the game that Joe Maddon considered yanking Arrieta to give him a rest but when a pitcher is dialled in, even if it’s this early in the season, you just want to let the man play.

“You never want to interfere with somebody’s greatness,” Maddon said. “That’s really special for him and the organization to have another no-hitter thrown. As a manager, you try to stay out of those moments.”

Congratulations Jake, you deserved it.

Believe it.



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