Chicago Cubs

The Unofficial Blogger of The Chicago Cubs In Canada

Chicago Cubs

The love fest continues for Jake Arrieta. Yesterday, he was named “National League Player of the Week” add that to his growing collection of trophies and accolades.

Now, being the tried and true blue Chicago Cubs fan that I am, waiting for the wheels to fall off or some other tired cliche of things that could happen this season, I’m sceptical that this streak of success will continue.

Of course he’s going to have bad games, that’s a given but let’s just enjoy the ride while we’re still on it.

“It feels different the second time,” Arrieta said. “I was a little more relaxed as the game progressed. Based on the way I threw the ball before the game started, I anticipated having to grind through some at-bats and some innings a little more than I did. I was able to get the ball in on left-handed hitters for some called strikes and then go below the strike zone when I needed to for some big swings and misses. You put it all together and have conviction with what you’re throwing out there and good things can happen.”

Now, it’s easy to say that both the Washington Nationals and the Cubs have had easy games so far, with records of 14-4 and 14-5, but nothing is a sure thing. The Cubs have set out to deliver on their promise that they just don’t want to compete anymore, they’re in it for the long haul of making it to the end of October.

So, what is it with the chemistry that the Cubs have together?

“I think it’s because how close our group is,” Anthony Rizzo said. “Jake throws a no-hitter and 20 guys are hanging out at the hotel.”

Just as the Cubs are on a quest for the World Series and end all droughts and curses, I’m on a quest of my own to be recognized as the “Unofficial Blogger of The Chicago Cubs in Canada” Sure, it’s self promotion and maybe a little bit lame, but I want that title Officially/Unofficially. To be known as the flag waver of the North Siders across the border in the Great White North of Canada, would be an honour(notice the spelling) and a privilege. When the Cubs finally hoist that trophy of flags up high, I want the Chicago Cubs to know that they’ve got huge support North of Lake Michigan.

If you want to have this title bestowed on me, tag it #CanuckCubbie with “Eh!” and share it around.

Believe it!

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