Cubs leave Phillies Wet Behind Their Ears

Chicago Cubs

It was a wet one but the Cubs brought it home.

After a disastrous road trip, the Chicago Cubs have come back in full force.  Yesterday afternoon, the Cubs beat the Phillies 6-2 and showed their power throughout the win.

Jorge Soler put a dent in that shiny new scoreboard with the longest home run by a Cub this season at a whopping 461 feet.

“That home run right there would be really pleased on any given par five to hit that particular drive,” Cubs manager Joe Maddon said. “That thing was far — loud and far. He’ll keep doing that. He’s getting some confidence. You can see it, the way he’s moving. His confidence is just riding right now. All these guys will keep getting better.”

Say what? All these guys getting better? Say it ain’t so, Joe. These guys are all ready good. Soler just needed to find his groove.

Another great thing that happened yesterday was David Ross reached his 100th career home run. This is his final year or farewell tour which a lot of them have been doing. It’s great to see him hit that milestone.

“The boys were excited, I was excited,” Ross said. “My favorite part while this has been going on is rounding second base and looking in the dugout. It makes me smile every time seeing everybody so happy for me and counting down for me. They’re as happy as I am. That makes me feel good.”

One thing that would make another player feel real good is getting out of his own slump. Anthony Rizzo has been in a doozy of a slump going 3-35. He took a game off and Kris Bryant filled those big shoes at first base.

“I’m anticipating a good result, so that moving forward later in the season, maybe do the same thing again,” Maddon said. “‘Cause it really does rest those guys up.”

The Cubs have now won three in a row, but their awesome start is catching up to them. Pittsburgh is closing in with 4.5 games back. It’s way too early in the season to be panicking but the Cubs road to the World Series is far from ending.

Believe it


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