Cubs Get Swept By Hated Cardinals

Miguel Montero

Things got ugly for the Cubs yesterday in their 7-2 loss to the St. Louis Cardinals. The bad news was Jake Arrieta left the game after five innings. Sure, the Cardinals swept the Cubs but is it time for panic?

The games were tight and played every bit as hard as a rivalry should be played but in the end there’s only one winner and this time it was the Cardinals.

“They came in and just beat us,” Anthony Rizzo said. “To get back into a race, you have to beat the teams ahead of you, and that’s what they did. We’re in a good position leaving here, but getting swept at home from a division rival is not ideal.”

To show you how competitive these two clubs are, the Cardinals have not swept the Cubs at Wrigley Field since 1988.


No, it’s not the ideal situation the Cubs wanted to be in. If you wanted to pull the adversity card, then now’s the time to play it and not say in September when teams are getting ready for the playoff crunch.

I don’t believe so. Every team goes through this period at this time of the season.

“It’s a game of adjustments,” Arrieta said. “I have to take it in stride and learn from it and go back to work tomorrow and combat the things that teams have done against me recently. It’s an easy fix. I think the byproduct will be very positive.”

Another thing that I thought about and I could be wrong but the rivalry between these two clubs is fierce so both teams are under a very sharp microscope.  Speaking of being under the microscope, Miguel Montero left the game due to a knee injury.Not

“All the tests are good, he felt fine,” Maddon said after the game. “As of right now, I don’t anticipate anything wrong with him.”

Lately Montero has been in a transitioning role as mentor to Willson Contreras who’s continuing his hot streak with the bat after yesterday’s home run.

“Great at-bat again,” Maddon said. “Works good at-bats. The kid wants to stay here.”

Believe it.



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