Cubs Return To Winning Ways

Kyle Hendricks

There’s no place like home. Dorothy was right when she clicked her heels three times and it sent her home sweet home to Kansas. The Cubs are like Dorothy’s tale when they went off to Queens and was faced with adversity only to discover that home is where the heart is.

Yesterday, the Cubs faced division rivals Cincinnati Reds. Sure, the Reds aren’t doing so well but a friend of mine once said that playing a par three makes himself look and feel a lot better about his golf score. In many ways, the Reds are like that golf score.

The Cubs beat them 10-4 and it made them feel a lot better about the drubbing in New York.

“We had a tough stay in New York City, and the Mets played really well against us, and we came out today and got our offense going,” Cubs manager Joe Maddon said.

Kris Bryant leads the National League with his 12th home run of the season but left the game after a collision in the fifth inning with Albert Almora. He left the game with a bruise but is likely to be back today.

“It was my fault, I take full responsibility for that,” Almora said. “I can’t hear anything, and I don’t want to see a ball drop out there. I called it at the end, but it was too late.”

Starter Kyle Hendricks picked up the win, his seventh of the season. In his unassuming old style way of playing, Hendricks picked apart the Reds offence with his command and has now won his last four starts.

“He’s a wonderful, classic example of not having to throw 90 some miles an hour to be effective,” Maddon said. “Furthermore, he’s right-handed. Most of the time, when you get a guy effective in the high 80s to low 90s, he’s normally a left-handed pitcher with a great changeup. It’s not often you see a right-hander doing what he’s doing. Give him credit. He’s been spot on with his command.”

I’m disappointed that my family won’t be able to see Kyle Hendricks pitch on Sunday when we make our trek down to Pittsburgh to see the game. I was crossing my fingers it’d happen but now it seems unlikely he’ll get the start. Here’s hoping we can bump into him before the game.

To me, Hendricks is the most dangerous in the Cubs rotation. Opponents know what to expect when they face the other guys, but Hendricks is different.

“He picks those corners and has a good mix,” shortstop Addison Russell said. “You have a certain plan against Kyle, and he mixes up the plan. He’s got great stuff.”

Believe it.


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