Cubs Kyle Hendricks Is Best In The Game

Chicago Cubs

The Cubs beat the Pirates 3-0 yesterday. No big deal, right? Another win, magic number is 18.

Except for this guy.

My first impression of Kyle Hendricks a few years ago was that he looked like the kid who showed up one day at camp saying things like,”I know how to throw” followed by some ribbing from the other players and I’m sure Hendricks filled a bucket watching the other starters throwing heat. When he walks off the mound, it looks like he’s trying to apologize to the batter for striking him out. Those were and are couple of impressions I have from the pitcher known as “The Professor”

Not a Cy Young contender and certainly not the frontrunner for ERA title. There’s no other word for Kyle Hendricks, but awesome.

“He comes in every day and does his work, and executes his game plan really good,” Anthony Rizzo said of Hendricks, who began the season as the Cubs’ fifth starter. “He’s not a guy who’s getting away with plus-plus stuff. He’s executing his game plan, and he attacks hitters and he studies hitters. He went to Dartmouth and has a really good education.”

Not only has Kyle Hendricks lowered his ERA to 2.09 but he put another notch in the win column and now has 13 for the season. He even has the lowest ERA at home in the majors with 1.21. When voters look at the win column before the overall picture, they’re missing out on what this kid can do.

“He has to be Cy Young contention,” Cubs manager Joe Maddon said. “Put the radar gun in your back pocket and look at what he’s doing. There has to be strong consideration.”

They’re all right. He has to be in contention. C’mon, he’s allowed three or less runs in 18 straight starts. There’s nothing flashy going on with him, but he’s getting things done. I guarantee he’ll never be that kind of pitcher who gets a perfect game or delivers a no-no. He’s just not that type of thrower, but what he does is dismantle batting orders so meticulously that instead of having the nickname of “Professor” they should be calling him “Assassin” or “Sniper”

“It’s a different game. I’m definitely a different pitcher than those [hard-throwing] guys. I’m just out there trying to pitch my game. Using the two-seam and four-seam fastballs, they don’t have the velocity, but it gives them two different looks.” Hendricks said.

So when John Lackey gets back to business, the Chicago Cubs have decisions to make with Hendricks. Do they put the guy in who brought them to the show, or do they go with that veteran experience?  No matter how the Cubs do in the playoffs, Kyle Hendricks has been teaching everyone a lesson.

“It means a lot in a way,” Hendricks said. “Where I was at last year, and my goals coming into this year, I definitely didn’t see myself a part of that, or I had my sights a little lower. To be up there, I’m taking it in stride. To stay there, I have to keep doing the same things I’ve been doing is consistency and keep a simple mind set.”

He deserves the Cy Young Award.

Believe it.

Cubs Beat Pirates in Thrilling Way

Miguel Montero


Heroes come in the most unlikeliest places. Last night, the Cubs beat the Pirates 8-7 with Miguel Montero‘s hot bat off of the bench in the 13th inning. They battled back, they fought hard and the game ended this morning. These two teams play each other hard, if it were a Wild Card contest it would be a classic.

“Look at how they played tonight — it must have been the onesies,” Maddon said. “If you’re flying on a charter airplane, and you have onesies on, you feel better the next day.”

It had to be the onesies but you’d never catch me in one of those things. Jake Arrieta had a great game. He had a hit, almost had a home run, battled a 14 pitch At Bat before striking out and was involved in a rundown where he got the always thrilling Starling Marte out at home. This is why I’m opposed to the designated hitter role. When pitchers are as involved in the game as Jake Arrieta is, there’s no easy outs. Anything can happen and becomes a much more thrilling game.

“The resiliency of our team was incredible,” Chicago starter Jake Arrieta said. “Just a crazy ballgame all the way around. So many things happened.”

See, here’s the other crazy thing about the game which makes it so endearing; Javier Baez made a mistake in the final Dodgers game and the Cubs lost but last night in the series opener at Wrigley Field against the Bucs, he had 4 hits including a triple in the 12th inning. Baseball is a game of redemption. When they say that every game is different, put the loss behind and move on, well they mean it.

“We’re not going to stop playing hard. This is a team that’s trying to win the World Series and we’re not going to give up, no matter how many runs we’re up or down. I saw [Montero] getting ready, and I said, ‘It’s going to be you.’ Baez said.

You can also say that about Jorge Soler, whom a lot of people wrote off this season and he almost ended up as trade bait, but last night’s home run in the ninth inning tied his totals from last year at 10.

If last night’s game was an indication of how the Cubs could do in the playoffs, well they’ll be tough. I think their goal for September is to reduce those pesky errors by the young guys and focus on small ball. It’s a cliche, I know it but it’s true, “Get the guys on base and bring em’ home” or as I like to say, “The long ball will get you into the post season but it’s the small ball that’ll win you the series.”

“That was a goofy game, boy,” Cubs manager Joe Maddon said.

Believe it.





Cubs Say Goodbye To Legendary Vin Scully…At Least Till October

Jon Lester

So here’s the deal. The Chicago Cubs could face the Los Angeles Dodgers in October and man, if the 1-0 loss didn’t get that much more important. Sure, the Cubs are still first place overall and the offensive juggernaut in the MLB, but that doesn’t mean a thing come October and quite frankly, I’m worried.

The game pretty much ended on a miscommunication play from Javier Baez to Ben Zobrist.  It happens, but those kind of miscues aren’t going to fly in the playoffs. It could be the difference between a series victory or, well yeah, you know.

“It’s a tough play and it’s a reaction play and it’s a feel play,” Zobrist said, “but if we communicate ahead of time, he knows right away when he catches the ball, to go to first base with it. He can’t field the blame on himself, it’s everybody out there. It’s myself. I really feel it’s more my responsibility being the older guy out there. He’s still very young and playing all over the place and sometimes we can all get a little lackadaisical with our communication when we’re in those various positions. We have to stay on that and try to do better next time.”

The Dodgers make me nervous. They’ve always done that. We remember the last time these two teams faced each other in the post season and the outcome, right?

I think baseball is so much about communication. From yelling, “Lefty!” and doing the shift to knowing where any of the players traditionally hit to, it’s all about the communication.

“He has as much instinct for the game as anybody I’ve ever been around,” Maddon said of Baez. “He just misread the moment right there. I’d like to believe they’ll communicate in the future so when Zo’s way over, that ball’s hit right there, I know I’ve got to go to first base.”

In fact, I’d go out on a limb to say that you can have the worst ball team in the world but if you communicate, you’ll win games. Of course having the worst ball team means that they’re not communicating in the first place.

On the other hand, the Cubs did play good ball. Jon Lester pitched well and despite the blunder, the game was a showcase for what could be October.

“There’s worse spots to be in — 14 games up in almost September is not a bad spot to be. I thought we played good baseball today. We pitched really well, extremely well. Just a couple mistakes that we’ll learn from, which is good. That’s all you can ask for. I thought we played really, really good baseball. We have to get a guy in from third the last two days — that may have cost us a ‘W’ here or there but that’s baseball.” David Ross said.

Vin Scully

A neat part of the series was being able to hear the immortal Vin Scully broadcast the game. He’s retiring at the end of the season in case you weren’t aware and he’s been doing it for 67 years.


“He’s just a different human being,” Joe Maddon said. “I really feel fortunate that I have been able to exchange a handshake and have a photograph. That’s like the window to the world up there when you sit up in his booth and he talks about the purple mountains majesty and how it reminds him of that. You think if you’re watching at home, that’s his perspective and that’s his view that he’s describing for so many years.”

Believe it.

Hammel Exits Early in Loss. Trying To Make The Chapman Situation a Positive

Jason Hammel

Even though baseball is a past time and a sport, the frustration can get to players, just ask Jason Hammel after he was pulled with just 39 pitches in yesterday’s close loss to the Los Angeles Dodgers 3-2.

“I didn’t even pitch today in my mind,” Hammel said. “I barely threw 40 pitches. This is a side day for me, pretty much.”

It’s gotta be hard for baseball players when they get yanked from games. I mean every player thinks they’re good and they can contribute to the team. I’m not saying Hammel’s a bad player, not that at all, but yesterday just wasn’t his day and I’m sure he and Joe Maddon had some choice words for each other.

“Of course, he didn’t like what I told him, but I had to tell him, and that’s cool,” Maddon said. “I’m not going to make up an excuse for why I did what I did. It has nothing to do with lack of confidence or any other issues.”

It’s also a sign of a great team when the players fight for staying in the game. I believe that  with this kind of attitude, the Cubs are going to go places in the playoffs.

The flip side is that Hammel will be rested for his next outing.

There’s an interesting story in the New York Times about Caitlin Swieca( @CaitlinSwieca), a Cubs fan who has found a way to put the Aroldis Chapman situation into a positive. She’s pledging $10 for every save that Chapman earns to fight domestic violence.

“It’s a moral dilemma,” Swieca said. “There’s definitely two conflicted feelings: the feeling of wanting to just watch a game and not let the domestic violence thing bother you, and the feeling of not wanting to let the domestic violence issue just fade into the background.”

There’s a lot of conflicting attitudes towards the signing of Chapman. There’s no disputing his pedigree on the field, but there’s no excuse for what he did off of it. I think what Caitlin is doing is fantastic and a good way to cheer for Chapman because I’m finding it very difficult to do that.

Believe it.


Cubs’ Bryant Launches Two in Comeback Win

Chicago Cubs

West Coast trips give me a headache. They make me nervous because they’re always tough. First, they’re the equivalent of a southpaw in boxing that can throw any team’s balance off.A team can have a great win streak until they face a west coast juggernaught like the Dodgers. Another reason I don’t like west coast series is the time. I’m getting older man, and staying up later is proving to be quite difficult, so last night’s 6-4 victory over the Dodgers proved to be one of epic proportions.

Kris Bryant has got to be the frontrunner for MVP this season. He’s got be that leading candidate. The guy is the total package in baseball. He hit two home runs last night but these weren’t two home runs in any game, the Cubs came back and won the game in the ninth because of them. See? A clutch in epic proportions.

“He doesn’t quit,” Jason Heyward said of Bryant. “He doesn’t want to stop, and that’s special in the makeup of somebody young, and special in the makeup in a player in general. … You can talk about why he’s hitting the ball well, and he has a good approach. It’s that simple. He works his tail off every day to try and go out there and help us win. When you have that gift and that work ethic, a lot of good things can happen if you stay positive.”

That’s the mark of a great leader. He helps his team win everyday. The Cubs are filled with that kind of persona. Every player gives 110% but there’s that extra push from Kris Bryant. Anthony Rizzo has that too.

“We have many guys who are having good years,” Maddon said. “[Bryant], the biggest difference is his swing has gotten shorter. It’s more contact oriented and he’s not chasing as much. He’s able to put the ball in play with two strikes. For me, that’s the biggest difference between this year and last year.”

I think Bryant is that special player who can elevate his game to the next level with ease. Mature beyond his years, he garners the respect from his teammates and when Jason Heyward, who is having some struggles this season, had a great game as well received some heaping praise from Bryant.

“It inspires me,” he said. “It makes me want to be like him. Always keeping his head up, always being positive. I can’t say enough about him.”

Baseball is probably the most “head gamish” sport of them all. A streak can quickly turn into a slump, and a high priced free agent can quietly become a bum. The Cubs are doing great things this season. There is just over four weeks left in the regular season, the Cubs are positioned to go deep into the playoffs and “MVP!” was chanted at Dodger Stadium.

“It’s pretty cool,” Bryant said. “Growing up, you hear that on TV and to hear it now, it’s humbling and keeps me going, and keeps me determined to do more. It’s pretty cool to hear.”

Life doesn’t get better than that.

Believe it.



Kyle Hendricks Will Win Cy Young

Kyle Hendricks

Kyle Hendricks is leading the National League in ERA with 2.19. The last time a Cubs pitcher did that, they played in a World Series. That was 1935 and the dude’s name was Ray Prim. I tell you folks, the star’s are aligning this season for the Chicago Cubs and after their 6-3 victory over the San Diego Padres, the Cubs are 36 games over .500 the last time they compiled that record was 1945. Um, they went to the World Series that season too.

Halley’s Comet has come and gone twice since the last time the North Siders won the Commissioner’s Trophy.

Sure, it’s easy to talk about a team when they’re doing things right in the win column but when guys like Hendricks and Willson Contreras have emerged into the budding superstars they’ve become and hardly anyone saw it coming this quickly, it adds to the excitement of the upcoming post season.

“You don’t see the velocity and don’t think there’s a strikeout in there, but it’s the movement and the changeup that provide the strikeout and his know-how,” Cubs manager Joe Maddon said of Hendricks. “It may not be his best effort, but I still thought he was pretty good today.”

That’s the key to Hendricks’ pitching. It’s not pretty and certainly not fast but he manages to get things done by confusing batters with the changeup. I’m not going to be surprised when batters catch on to his style but in the meantime, he’s ironically enough, become baseball’s most thrilling and exciting pitcher to watch.

“Where I’m at, I’m just trying to stay where I’m at,” Hendricks said. “Keep the consistency, keep my pitches feeling good. I’m staying in my routine, not doing too much and just riding it out until I feel something change.”

Then there’s Willson Contreras, the young backstop for the Blue Bears that contributes on both sides of the plate. He’s emerged out of the catcher’s crowded place on the Cubs team to become that bona fide starter the North Siders need going forth. Yesterday, he banged a a home run for his eighth of the season and don’t let anyone fool you into thinking that he hasn’t been a part of the Cubs pitching success either.

“Everyone in this clubhouse is like family,” Contreras said. “Once you get here, you start feeling comfortable from the first day. Even if you’re a rookie, and you just come up, you’re spending time with your family.”

For the Cubs, it’s that youth movement that’s paying dividends for the team this season. They’re not as connected to the history of the organization as a lot of the rest of the fans so it’s making it so much fun to be a fan this season.

Let’s just hope that Halley’s Comet doesn’t pass a third time.

Believe it

Chicago Cubs Ready To Make History

Jake Arrieta

This year has proven to be a lot of firsts for the Chicago Cubs. They’re the first team to reach 80 wins with their 5-3 defeat of the San Diego Padres and Kris Bryant is tied for the lead in Home runs in the National League after crushing the leather and raising his total to  33.

Last night, Jake Arrieta pitched well but he also took to the plate doing his best Kris Bryant impression by connecting for a triple and hitting a single. Oh, by the way, he also received his 16th win of the season. So, when skipper Maddon yanked Arrieta from the game with only 99 pitches, it Arrieta’s feelings

“I was mad at Joe for taking me out,” Arrieta said. “At the same time, he said, ‘Hey, remember last year? Let’s conserve some things for October and the end of September.’ That’s our gameplan. We want to be as strong and as dominant as we can be.”

C’mon, the guy hit a triple! He needed a rest.

This has been a strange season. We all thought that the Back To The Future 2 bogeyman would loom large last year but 2015 has nothing on this season. This season has so much more.

The last time the Cubs made it to 80 wins this fast, they made it to the World Series in 1929. They’re also poised to return to the post season again. This would be the second time  in their colourful history that they’ve made back to back appearances, the other being 2007-2008. Yes, expectations are running high but they’re also being realistic.

“When you struggle is when you really get to grow the most, and you try to learn instead of just pouting,” Chris Coghlan said. “The best thing has been that we have such a great group of guys. We’re the best team in baseball right now, and our expectation is to win the World Series. So, that’s taken a lot off of just thinking about myself.”

Folks, this year feels different. Sure, nothing is a given but the baseball has been fun. There has been no egos on the team and if there’s a manager that needs this team it’s Maddon. He’s the perfect guy for this squad. He’s fun, intelligent and always complimenting his players on a job well done. That’s the way it should be. When Addison Russell had that great game the other day, it was Maddon that presented him with a bottle of wine. One that he picked up in a wine store. It wasn’t a team presentation, he felt Addison Russell deserved it. He wrote on 6-3, after the score of the game. So if anyone questions his deserving of a Gold Glove well, they need not be.

“He’s definitely got to be in the conversation, legitimate conversation,” Maddon said of Russell. “This guy on defense, it’s getting to the point where there’s no one else like that right now.”

Getting excited about the post season? Yeah, so am I Here’s the schedule.

Believe it.