Cubs’ Bryant Homers His Way To History

Kris Bryant

It was the Kris Bryant show yesterday at Wrigley Field as the Cubs put another victory into the win column and a big sweep over the Milwaukee Brewers 9-6. It was easy to see that this future hall of famer is only going to get better. Yesterday, Bryant notched 2 HR and 5 RBI’s on route to becoming Chicago Cubs’ fifth player to reach 30 home runs in a season while still being 24 or younger.

“He’s a great player,” Cubs starter Jake Arrieta said of Bryant. “He’s been able to play a lot of different roles, especially defensively, for us, and he’s one of our biggest role players. To see what he’s continued to do and do what he did today is not a big surprise. [Anthony] Rizzo is a tremendous player and pretty much our MVP every year, but Kris is a special guy.”

He’s not too far off base there. Every team needs a dynamic duo. Mantle and Maris, Canseco and McGwire, Rizzo and Bryant. The MVP race heated up with “Bryant’s Game” and fans will forever debate which one was better but don’t tell Bryant any of that,

“You really take it at-bat by at-bat,” Bryant said. “It’s good to start the day off with a hit — it gets you going a little bit, gets your confidence going. You look at the scoreboard and see 3-for-3 and 4-for-4, that’s one of those days that you don’t have too often. For me, I don’t feel like this too often, but today was one of those days when I was really locked in.”

The normally humble player usually shrugs off those type of accolades but it’s all right to bask in that huge accomplishment. As for the pick of who should win the MVP between the two?

“I think they’ll be fine,” Maddon said. “I’ve watched them interact. KB, if he has an ego, I haven’t seen it. This guy comes to play every day, and he doesn’t react any differently. Rizz is probably a little more animated. I want to think they’d root for each other in that particular moment. I honestly do.”

There’s only one piece of hardware that Anthony Rizzo and Bryant want and that’s waited elusively for more than a hundred years.

Believe it.


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  2. Chris · August 21, 2016

    So it’s ok if you choke your girlfriend and fire gunshots in a garage. You get a suspension, but you get to come back, make millions of dollars, and even get to be traded to one of the best teams in baseball.

    But if you play a song that highlights that fact, you get fired. I guess I can now see what kind of people are running the Cubs. It makes me sad because I love the Cubbies and now I can’t help but see their braintrust as gross misogynistic jerks. Not only did they trade for this idiot, but now they fire people for have a conscience about it.


  3. Mark Gauthier · August 21, 2016

    I’ve never said it’s all right to do those things and I don’t condone any of Aroldis’ behaviour.It would have been foolish if the Cubs didn’t sign Chapman but I still feel there are others who the Cubs could have picked up instead. That DJ would have gotten relieved of his duties in any ballpark if he played that song. We know why he played it, but he could have voiced his opinions in a more diplomatic way that probably wouldn’t have resulted in his dismissal.


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