Cubs Say Goodbye To Legendary Vin Scully…At Least Till October

Jon Lester

So here’s the deal. The Chicago Cubs could face the Los Angeles Dodgers in October and man, if the 1-0 loss didn’t get that much more important. Sure, the Cubs are still first place overall and the offensive juggernaut in the MLB, but that doesn’t mean a thing come October and quite frankly, I’m worried.

The game pretty much ended on a miscommunication play from Javier Baez to Ben Zobrist.  It happens, but those kind of miscues aren’t going to fly in the playoffs. It could be the difference between a series victory or, well yeah, you know.

“It’s a tough play and it’s a reaction play and it’s a feel play,” Zobrist said, “but if we communicate ahead of time, he knows right away when he catches the ball, to go to first base with it. He can’t field the blame on himself, it’s everybody out there. It’s myself. I really feel it’s more my responsibility being the older guy out there. He’s still very young and playing all over the place and sometimes we can all get a little lackadaisical with our communication when we’re in those various positions. We have to stay on that and try to do better next time.”

The Dodgers make me nervous. They’ve always done that. We remember the last time these two teams faced each other in the post season and the outcome, right?

I think baseball is so much about communication. From yelling, “Lefty!” and doing the shift to knowing where any of the players traditionally hit to, it’s all about the communication.

“He has as much instinct for the game as anybody I’ve ever been around,” Maddon said of Baez. “He just misread the moment right there. I’d like to believe they’ll communicate in the future so when Zo’s way over, that ball’s hit right there, I know I’ve got to go to first base.”

In fact, I’d go out on a limb to say that you can have the worst ball team in the world but if you communicate, you’ll win games. Of course having the worst ball team means that they’re not communicating in the first place.

On the other hand, the Cubs did play good ball. Jon Lester pitched well and despite the blunder, the game was a showcase for what could be October.

“There’s worse spots to be in — 14 games up in almost September is not a bad spot to be. I thought we played good baseball today. We pitched really well, extremely well. Just a couple mistakes that we’ll learn from, which is good. That’s all you can ask for. I thought we played really, really good baseball. We have to get a guy in from third the last two days — that may have cost us a ‘W’ here or there but that’s baseball.” David Ross said.

Vin Scully

A neat part of the series was being able to hear the immortal Vin Scully broadcast the game. He’s retiring at the end of the season in case you weren’t aware and he’s been doing it for 67 years.


“He’s just a different human being,” Joe Maddon said. “I really feel fortunate that I have been able to exchange a handshake and have a photograph. That’s like the window to the world up there when you sit up in his booth and he talks about the purple mountains majesty and how it reminds him of that. You think if you’re watching at home, that’s his perspective and that’s his view that he’s describing for so many years.”

Believe it.

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