Cubs Feeling Crappy After Loss To Brewers

Justin Grimm

It’s funny because Matt Garza was the pitcher I loved to hate when he played with the Cubs and after the Cubs 1-0 loss last night at the hands of Garza and the Brewers, he’s still the guy I love to hate. It could be his cockiness or it could be the way that when he’s good, he’s amazing but when he stinks, well, he just damn well stinks.

The Cubs magic number is 9. Anthony Rizzo clobbered his 29th home run of the season but it wasn’t enough. Maybe it’s Milwaukee that pitches the Cubs fits.

“If we get a couple right there and get it rolling, it would’ve been different for Garza tonight, and we didn’t,” Maddon said.

As much as baseball is a game of skill and fundamentals, it’s still a game of luck and chance. A bad bounce here and it’s a completely different game.

Take for instance Justin Grimm. He left the game due to illness. It might have been the flu or perhaps, something he ate but I’ve never seen anything like it before and sorry about that Justin but I have to laugh at what Coach Maddon said.

“What happened was I did not want him to soil himself on the mound,” Maddon said. “He’s telling me he could get through it. He was ill, you could see the difference in his stuff — he was ill. We got him out.”


Despite the loss, the Cubs are poised to take their division. Although these are the Cubs, fans are certain that they’ll capture their first division title since 2008. For the first time in a long time, expectations are high that this is the year to end all droughts.

“This is something that I think is sustainable for many years to come, based on what we saw last year, what we’re seeing this year,” Maddon said. “And the majority of these guys are really young. It’s not like you’ve got a bunch of long-in-the-tooth whitebeards. It’s not. The guys are real, and they’re good, and a lot of them are going to continue to get better.”

Tonight, the Cubs are off. They’ll need the rest before series against the Astros, Cardinals Brewers again then the Reds. As proven in Milwaukee, nothing is a given but it’s a fairly easy stretch going into October. If you are one of the fortunate few to snag playoff tickets, I’ll be there with you in spirit sending all the cheers from abroad.

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