Cubs Hold Future in Their Hands

Chicago Cubs

So now that the dust has settled in their historic World Series championship, the accolades have started to roll in for the Chicago Cubs.

Both Anthony Rizzo (Who also won a Gold Glove) and Jake Arrieta won their first Silver Slugger award for the top offensive player at their position. The team captain also won the Defensive player of the year award for catches like these:

Kyle Hendricks was chosen as National League pitcher of the year by his peers. An honour well deserved and we’ll wait and see about the Cy Young.

“That was the most insane game I’ve ever been a part of,” Hendricks said. “There were a little nerves, a little anxiety before the game, but once you get on the field … it’s the same game. The way that ended, there’s no other way to end the Cubs’ curse.”

We’ll find out more winners in the coming week but right now I want to talk about dynasties. We know some players like Dexter Fowler and Aroldis Chapman probably won’t be returning and Jason Hammel penned this Thank You letter to Chicago fans.

“Thank you from the bottoms of our hearts for all the love and support you have given us over the past three years,” Hammel said in the ad. “I can’t adequately describe what it was like to step on the mound at Wrigley every fifth day and pitch in the greatest park, in the greatest city, in front of the greatest fans on the planet!”


“Our time in Chicago was so much more than that,” Hammel said. “It wasn’t just the baseball connection to the city that we’ve cherished; Chicago became our home and you became our neighbors.

“While the Cubs’ chapter of our lives is now closed, the memories and friendships we have made will last forever.”

Can the Cubs repeat? I think they can and baseball needs that vilified team. The one team that everyone needs to beat. Imagine, going from “Lovable Losers” to the best in the game. The Cubs have a young core so there’s no telling what the future will bring.

“If you win with a bunch of older players with expiring contracts and things, maybe you need to replenish a little bit and make some trades before the guys walk away for nothing,” Epstein said. “If you’re lucky enough to win and have some continuity and a nucleus that’s going to be around for awhile, you absolutely need to continue prioritizing winning.”

So, one week the Cubs win the World Series and in the next week Donald Trump wins the presidency. What’s next week?

Believe it




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