Cubs Will Deal Kyle Schwarber At Deadline

Canuck Cubbie

I think I’ve figured out this season’s woes after a somewhat embarrassing 5-0 loss to division rivals Cincinnati Reds. All right, first thing’s first; Sure, it’s difficult this season and I may sound like a bitter fan expecting way too much from a team trying to defend their World Series title but hear me out; the Cubs have been playing like they’re rebuilding again.

“It’s a young group, it just is,” Cubs manager Joe Maddon said. “That’s actually a great thing, it’s not a bad thing, that we have this many young players who are Major League caliber. Probably the last thing to come is the development of the bats at the Major League level. We can play great defense, we can run the bases, we can throw well. Our bats are really inconsistent with zero runs tonight.”

Touching upon it yesterday, the Cubs have lost some key players and are kind of rebuilding the organization again. That’s a good thing. The bad part is that we might be waiting a little while longer for another championship. Now, some of you might be thinking that after getting your World Series fix that it’s no problem waiting another 108 years for a championship but the problem there is that nobody will be around to see it.

I think it’s becoming increasingly harder to build dynasties in professional sports. Gone are the days when you can “Mighty” at the beginning of a team’s name. I don’t believe that there’ll ever be another powerhouse like the Yankees or even the Montreal Canadiens ( Although Pittsburgh Penguins are having a good run at it).

“It’s baseball,” Willson Contreras said. “Every year is different. That’s it.”

Although it’s easy to say that, we all have to admit that the expectations were higher for the Cubs this season, or maybe my expectations were slightly increased. There’s no denying that the Cubs still have some of the most exciting players in the game and while management and players remain positive that things will eventually get turned around, the chances of a deep run in October are slim unless the team can correct the mistakes that were the polar opposite of last season. The best way to fix things is get runners in. Forget home runs, and at the deadline, the Cubs will do two things; they will deal for a starting pitcher and they will trade Kyle Schwarber for another bat.

I’m excited about next month. Cooperstown is having a Chicago Cubs weekend on August 26th-27th where fans will have the opportunity too experience the 2016 World Series all over again. There’ll be great memorabilia and a chance to get pictures taken with the trophy. We’ve got it marked on the calendar. It’s going to be fun!

Believe it


  1. muffman · July 1, 2017

    You are out of your mind if you think Schwarber will be traded!

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    • Mark Gauthier · July 1, 2017

      Think about it. He’s their only quality player that is trade bait. Last season was lucky and he shouldn’t have played at all. Don’t get me wrong, I like Schwarber and hope they can find room for him but with guys like Happ who is a great utility player and transition well into the outfield, where other than Schwarber’s bat, he doesn’t have the skill level that other players have. He’s designed for the American League. They’d be giving up a left handed bat, but I really think they should dangle him out there to see what’s available. I’ve always felt this way about Kyle. Great player but not a good fit for the Cubs.


  2. @maddon4prez · July 1, 2017

    I’m afraid you’ve grossly underestimated the vastness of Shwarb-fection that permeates the Cubs front office.

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  3. @maddon4prez · July 1, 2017

    I’m afraid you’ve grossly underestimated the vastness of Schwarb-fection that permeates the Cubs front office.

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    • Mark Gauthier · July 1, 2017

      I know they love Shwarbs but they have to let him go.


      • @maddon4prez · July 1, 2017

        I’m good with whatever Theo Epstein would like to do in that department for now. The dude architected a world championship organization. I’ll give him all the rope he wants. 🙂


      • Mark Gauthier · July 1, 2017

        Yeah, as far as Epstein’s concerned, he’s one of the greatest minds in the game. I’m sure they know what they’re doing. They haven’t disappointed yet(Edwin Jackson excluded) LOL

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