Cubs’ Darvish Was Good But Meltdown’s Continue

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There’s logic and science when a team wins one and loses the next game. At the end of the season, the record will always be .500. Numbers don’t lie. The good news in the Cubs 5-2 loss to the Rockies is Yu Darvish regained some of his game. The Cubs and Darvish looked good through the fifth inning.

“I treat every pitch every batter the same, regardless of how many outs I have,” Darvish said through translator Daichi Sekizaki. “Every game, it’s after the fifth inning when I get out of rhythm. I think that could be solved by using more off-speed pitches. In the last couple of games, I’ve been using fastball, slider, fastball, slider, so maybe more of the slower pitches such as the curveball to maybe overcome that problem.”

Because he’s my favourite player, Darvish should study Kyle Hendricks. They should travel together, hang out and study each other really well. Did the Cubs get a lemon of a deal with Darvish? His meltdowns have become common practice and in a game where pitchers are expected to get at least six innings of work in, Darvish has yet to make an impact this season.

“I expect him to pitch more deeply into games,” Cubs manager Joe Maddon said. “I wanted to give him a chance to pitch through that [the jam in the fifth], but the command escaped him. Command of his fastball was not what it needs to be.”

The Cubs signed Darvish to be their ace. He needs to improve if the Cubs want to be there in the fall.

Because baseball is like the comfort food of sports, yesterday’s game also featured an, “Aw shucks” moment when David Bote, a Denver native played his first big league game. Sure, he didn’t suit up for his hometown Rockies but he did receive applause when he hit a double.

“I was born two days before their Opening Day here in Colorado, so I grew up watching Dante Bichette, Andres Galarraga, Troy Tulowitzki, Brad Hawpe, Todd Helton, all those guys,” Bote said. “It’s the same stadium, but it’s fun knowing you belong there, you’re going to work there, instead of going there for entertainment.”

If he’s going to get some more playing time, then he’s got Ben Zobrist‘s big shoes to fill.

“Because of his bat, he can play all over the place,” manager Joe Maddon said before the game. “He’s a second baseman by trade, but he played some really good third base for us in Spring Training. You can throw him at shortstop if you want, and outfield. Here’s the thing with a guy like him. We have a nice team, but if his bat’s ready and there’s a need, you want to be able to say, ‘Bring him on up.”

If my number’s are correct, then the Cubs are going to win today with Jose Quintana set to take the ball. They have a good team but they also can’t continue to win/lose every game. Good weather’s coming.

Believe it

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