Cubs Sweep Fish Under The Rug

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All right, all right, all right perhaps the Cubs are on a bit of a win streak. Yesterday’s 13-4 victory over the Fish wasn’t as much an offensive prowess as the box score shows. Yeah, Kris Bryant became the fastest Cub to reach 100 home runs and Anthony Rizzo is back in fine form but it’s the Marlins and they swept them.

“Tough to put into words,” Kris Bryant said of reaching the milestone. “It’s obviously pretty cool. … It feels really good. Any time you accomplish something — I don’t even know how many people have done it before — I just feel really dang happy I got there.”


It’s the Marlins. The Cubs need to beat Washington, Pittsburgh and St. Louis if they want to be relevant in October. I’m happy and a little thankful that the tandem of Bryzzo has been hitting the ball well in the series but can they continue their hitting? They’ve got a weekend set against the White Sox which should be easy and then later in the month they’ll play Pittsburgh.

“We had a great day. We had a lot of fun out there,” said Albert Almora, one of four Cubs players who finished with three hits. “Hitting is contagious, and once guys start rolling, you see hits falling. It might not be pretty, but they fall.”

Maybe it is contagious?

There’s no question that the Cubs are one of the most talented teams in baseball. They haven’t played that way in April and May has continued that uneven play. If there’s any consolation in the Marlins sweep, it’s that the Cubs might find that contagiousness spread and carry it to the weekend series.

“Our fans are riding the roller coaster with us. The highs seem to be much more exaggerated and the lows, the same thing. But just as baseball players, we’re always taught to level those things out as much as possible.” Bryant said.

Fans have a lot invested in the team. At one time, it was great if they could put a sweep together but in the last few years, fans have come to expect the team to be outstanding. Maybe it’s a good thing that fans are getting harder on the Cubs? Or maybe we’ve expected too much from the North Siders and this is the season that reality sets in?

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