The Duke Wins It For Cubs


How great is it to record a walk off against your rivals? Just ask Welington Castillo about that. Castillo hit one in the tenth to send as the Cubs beat their nemesis St Louis Cardinals 4-3.

But that’s not all. He also hit a two run homer in the second inning. Yes folks, that’s how great it is.

“That pitch — thank God for ‘Welly’ for winning that ballgame because I was not going to be able to live with that one,” Kyle Hendricks said. “I think [the count] was 2-2 [to Holliday], and I was trying to pitch around him. If I walk him, I walk him. I know that, that’s my mindset, and we talked about that in the [pregame] meeting.

Let me tell you folks, Kyle Hendricks is going to be one exciting player to see next year. I only wish the season started next week.

Wait, it does start next week.

With the last home game of the season tonight, the Cubs will try to finish the year above .500 at home. Is that a huge accomplishment? You better believe it. The Cubs are looking for momentum going into the off season. There might be some changes in personnel but I think only minor ones. Did you catch that double entendre? Minor ones?

It’s been a long time since fans were this excited at this time of the year for next year to get started. There’s hope in the dugout. Faith in the bullpen and trust with the managers.

Now, that’s something to believe in.

“Everybody thrives on the fan base, every team does, and we’re finally giving them a little bit of something to cheer for, and it’s nice to hear them when we do come through,” Cubs manager Rick Renteria said.

Believe it.


Cubs Boost The Dodgers Ego


Let’s be honest with ourselves, the Los Angeles Dodgers aren’t exactly the same as the Cincinnati Reds. The Dodgers have a higher payroll and they have Clayton Kershaw and Zack Greinke.

Last night, what seemed like the Chicago Cubs might have taken the game away from the mighty western team, Logan Watkins made a crucial mistake in the seventh inning and then well, everything went wrong from there. The Cubs lost 8-4

“Uribe hit a pretty hard ball, right up the middle, and the first instinct was to knock it down and keep it in front of me, and it kicked to the left,” Watkins said. Which is fair enough Logan, but your first instinct should have been to try and catch it. However, it is what it is and that’s why the Dodgers are as good as they are.

Chris Coghlan made a great catch near the wall, proving that he’s becoming that great player.

So you see, it wasn’t all that horrific. In fact, I’ve been preaching that this year has been more of an audition to the now much hyped season where the young kids will shine. Just like Neil Ramirez getting lit up last night.

At this point in the season, we’re going easy on the kids because

A) The season’s almost done.

B) The year’s been a success. Rick Renteria has proven he can guide the youth movement into the future.

“They know they have to make those plays,” Renteria said. “The last thing I need to do is pounce on [Watkins]. … He wants to make those plays, and I’m sure he’ll tell you that he should’ve made those plays. The next time, hopefully, he will make those plays.”

Believe it.


Cubs’ Rizzo Gives Fans Chance To Dream


Welcome back Anthony Rizzo, we missed you. Let me ask you this question; If this were a feature film, who would play Mr. Anthony Rizzo? Channing Tatum? I think that would be a nice fit into the role.

After a scoreless eight innings, the All Star first baseman stepped up to the plate and well, then the magical happened.

Rizzo hit a walk off home run to help the Cubs beat their division rivals 1-0. It was beautiful. It was the reason why thousands of children across the world stay out a little later in the summer.

“First pitch, I was taking all the way, just to see his arm,” Rizzo said of his at-bat in the ninth. “The second pitch, I just let loose, and fortunately put a good swing on it.”

Anthony Rizzo was on the disabled list for the last eighteen games with lower back tightness but wow, what a comeback!

You see baseball is a magical game. It’s a pilgrimage to take that trip to Cooperstown. There’s a serenity walking through the marble hall and reading those plaques. This is the reason every summer, children stay out a little later when the last red light splits the horizon. A chance to dream of having a nickname like, “The Man of Steal”.

Last night, Anthony Rizzo returned to the Cubs lineup. Earlier this season, he promised a child a home run and he hit two.

Last night, Anthony Rizzo hit one for us.

The Dreamers.

Believe it.


Cubs Get Tripled Up


The Cubs are seeing triple. Wow, it’s amazing what the Cubs can’t do when three of their best players are away for a variety of reasons. The Cubs hit into their first triple play since 2000 against Montreal. Wow! it’s almost poetic to think about it in that way.

“I thought I was going to beat the throw,” Szczur said. “It was close. I put a good swing on it and tried to get out of the box as fast as I could. Wrong time to hit it hard, that’s for sure.”

As God is my witness, I thought turkeys can fly.

And as the mythic proportions the game of baseball can take on, the Cubs couldn’t gain ground after that.

“I don’t allow our guys to put their heads down,” Rick Renteria said. “That’s just a play that happened. We were still in the lead. That’s baseball.”

Yeah Rick, but it’s also baseball when two all stars aren’t playing and you’re left juggling the lineup with a handful of rookies. Don’t worry, I’m on your side but the holes showed.

Speaking of that, should Rizzo and Castro return? I don’t think there’s any point left in them coming back to the lineup. We know that Starlin wants to play a few games before the end of the season, but resting up for next season to be a hundred percent is the better option in my opinion.

2015 is going to be a great year.

Believe it.


Cubs Run Into A Not So Jolly Roger


It wasn’t too long ago when I said that the Pittsburgh Pirates seem to have the Cubs’ number but they bid it again by cruising to a 7-3 victory over those cuddly north side bears. Despite a couple of rookies banging out some long balls in the forms of Javier Baez and the Amazing Arismendy Alcantara, the Cubs turned in a mediocre performance.

“The hope is that the knowledge they’re gaining and the things they have to do in terms of adjusting as to how the pitchers are attacking them, they’ll grow,” Rick Renteria said. “It’s impossible for me to look into a crystal ball and say it won’t happen again. We have to allow that to play itself out. Their skill sets are very good skill sets. We’re hopeful they can play well at the Major League level.”

Maybe that’s the key? Perhaps we were a little hopeful that Javier Baez, Arismendy Alcantara,  and Jorge Soler would lead the Cubs into that hallowed place where few ballplayers have gone before(actually, it’s just a little old town in upstate New York).

Maybe a little too premature?

One thing is a given; this isn’t the same team that took to the field in April. Remember, there was a disgruntled Jeff Samardzija and a closer called Jose Veras, who I think was unceremoniously dumped. Ah, but then there was the Strange Case of Edwin Jackson. A player with a skill set that’s pretty deep but for some reason just can’t connect on the mound. What will the Cubs do with him next year? Is there a taker for him? Exciting times to be a Cubs fan and a player looking for a new place to hang a uniform.

The 2014 season has of course, produced its ups and downs with the successful debuts of the rookies, but Starlin Castro’s resurgence as a superstar has captured the imaginations of everyone going forth into next season.

“This is a great season for me,” said Castro, who is batting .292. “I think I can improve more than what I’ve done. I want to be healthy, I don’t want to go into the offseason not playing. I want to play — if it’s three games, I’ll play three games.”

There you have it folks, the difference in Starlin Castro. The guy who once walked to the dugout because he wasn’t aware of how many outs there were is now becoming that leader.

But why three games, Starlin?

Believe it.


Cubs Season In Toronto


I’m glad that’s over. It’s hard to believe that just over a month ago, I foolishly predicted the Cubs would sneak into a Wild Card position on the basis of how well the rookies were playing. All right, I was wrong. That series against the Blue Jays proved just how far things need to improve with the Cubs. The Toronto Blue Jays who are in a Wild Card chase picked apart the Cubs in an 11-1 lopsided win. In total, the Blue Jays outscored the Cubs 28-3.

“I’d love to be able to explain to you exactly what’s going on the last five or six days, but stuff just happens,” manager Rick Renteria said. “We have a well-needed day off and we’re leaving for Pittsburgh, and hopefully we’re able to recover and get something started Friday.”

Kyle Hendricks was decent but in the end he wasn’t any competition for the Melky Cabrera less Blue Jays. You can blame it on the absence of Starlin Castro and Anthony Rizzo, hell, blame it on the astro turf, but in the end if a team can’t compete without their star players, they don’t have a snowball in Miami’s chance at the post season.

“For me personally, I’m just going to move on,” he said. “As a team, we have to take it, get away from the being-at-the-field every day routine. It’s a day to relax, get away from the park and come back Friday.”

The good news in yesterday’s lopsidedness was Jorge Soler scuffing the leather and sending the ball into the echo laden Rogers Centre for his fourth Home Run in twelve games. Now that’s awesome.

Believe it.


Cubs Feeling Blue After Loss To Jays



There was a lot that happened in last night’s match up against the Toronto Blue Jays and Chicago Cubs. Javier Baez reached base but despite going 2 for 3 and collecting eleven hits, the Cubs couldn’t capitalize. That folks, is how far the Cubs have fallen since Anthony Rizzo and Starlin Castro hung up their jersey’s until next season due to injuries.

Was it Jake Arrieta’s fault? Nope. It was their bullpen. Neil Ramirez had his cage rattled by Joey Bats and you know what? that’s OK because Jose Bautista is a future hall of famer and the Blue Jays are a hungry team in search of that ominous Wild Card spot.

“That was probably the worst game we’ve played all year,” Renteria said. “These men know that there are a lot of things that we have to do, but certainly staying in a big league ballgame is one of those things that requires a lot of commitment in terms of bearing down, really continuing to play the game and being aware of the whole circumstance.”

Seeing Rick Renteria in the fuming after another Cubs error made me nervous. I wouldn’t have wanted to be in the Cubs locker room after the game.

The Cubs need Starlin Castro and Anthony Rizzo. They need them bad, because Javier Baez’s slump can be connected to their injuries. There’s not that many games left and believe me, I wish the Cubs could have snuck in. Mr. Al Yellon, you were right my humble sir.

“No one likes losing the way that game ended up developing,” Renteria said. “And it really did just steamroll. It would be foolish of us to ignore it. You talk about it. And they’re bright young men, capable of taking information and putting themselves in a position where they can regroup and get back after it.”

Tonight Kyle Hendricks will try to avenge the losses.

Believe it.


The Great White Northside


The Cubs rolled into Hogtown last night and well, the Toronto Blue Jays put on a Stro, Man. That was bad I admit it. The worst part came when my now infamous words, “This ball has second deck written all over it.” I have witnesses seconds before Jose Bautista made one fan happy. 8-0

“It’s one of those situations where you’re trying to make a pitch that if he doesn’t swing, you put him on, and if he does he’s probably out,” Turner said. “And like I said, I didn’t execute when I needed to. It’s a big moment in the game. That’s on me. If we get through that inning from where we’re at, it’s a totally different game.”

My allegiance was split last night because the Jays are in a Wild Card chase and so I was kind of happy they won. Just a bit. Jacob Turner pitched ok last night, it was just the Jays were hitting him deep on just about every one.

Well, then there was Marcus Stroman, the rookie pitcher for the Jays who deserved the Complete Game. I always say, if you want to measure the pure awesomeness of a pitcher, look at their Complete Games and that’ll tell you how good they are. 

“His ball was moving. He had everything working,” said Valaika, who also struck out twice. “It was more than just his fastball. First time around he was getting ahead with that fastball and then later in the game he started flipping that slider in. He had great stuff and great fastball command and kept us off-balance all game.”

Believe it.





Cubs Drone On



That’s a 10-4 good buddy! Oh C’mon, like there isn’t lots of writers using that one this morning? For some reason, and there might be something to this troubling curse that’s been kicking around Wrigley Field all these years, but the Pittsburgh Pirates always seem to have Chicago’s number. They play them hard or get lucky.

It’s no secret that Travis Wood has been having a tough season and there are lots of us who believe he’s better than the numbers show. They’re right. He’s a great pitcher having a rough time.

“It wasn’t Woody’s day today,” Rick Renteria said. “They came out swinging and he got two-strike at-bats, but couldn’t finish them off. It happened kind of quick.”

Three home runs against “Woody” isn’t a pretty number. Even though the Cubs have all the talent in the world with the young kids and those swings, when a team is missing two of their biggest hitters in Starlin Castro and Anthony Rizzo, nothing is going to save a team. It’s going to be interesting though, the season is winding down but Wood could possibly face the Pirates again and it might be a different result.

Does Wood have an answer for his disappointing season?

“Obviously, something is different, whether it’s the hitters’ approach off me or just not being able to execute pitches the way I did last year,” Wood said. “That’s something to be addressed in these next couple starts.

All right I have to say this. This series against the Toronto Blue Jays is going to be an interesting one. The Jays are still very much in the Wild Card race and even though I’m keeping my fingers crossed that Cubs have a chance, the likelihood is just not there. I want the Cubs to win, but there’s a little part inside of me that won’t be sad if the Blue Jays get through this series.

Believe it.


I Hear Rain Is Good For The Ivy?


Well, it sure does rain in Chicago.  It’s been an unusual year for weather and an unusual year for Cubs baseball. Sometimes I wonder if there really is some truth to the curses in the team’s storied history?

Even when they get on a roll, it seems Mother Nature throws her hand down over Wrigley Field and says, “We don’t want to get anybody’s hopes up.”

“We’ve had bad luck because of all the rain delays and long games,” catcher Welington Castillo said. “I think we have to stay with it, because if the other team stays with it, we have to stay with it. We’ll be fine. We have a lot of young guys in here who can handle it.”

Perhaps it’s a test of their resilience you know, to build that dynasty? It could be, or more likely, not.

One thing is for certain; Jorge Soler is for real. He continued with his impressive streak collecting an RBI.

The game continues today at 2pm

Believe it.