Cubs Didn’t Have A Wing Or A Prayer Against The Angels


If there was a day the Chicago Cubs could forget, it was yesterday. The Cubs lost to the Los Angeles Angels, 13-2.

It was bad. Very bad. The Angels are a tough team and like the Cubs, their record doesn’t show just how awesome they could be. Well, the Cubs found out plenty.

“Can’t sugarcoat it too much,” Jeff Samardzija said. “They just kicked my ass today and that’s just the way it goes. It’s a resilient game. Have to learn from your mistakes and go from there.”

That’s about all the Cubs can do from this. Samardzija got in tough right from the get go. Giving up five runs in the first inning alone and eventually nine, it was a game that the Shark might want to go back and take another look at. I’m not saying that he pitched terribly, but he was facing guys like Hamilton, Pujols and Trumbo. These guys will make any pitcher pay when they see the right pitch. That’s why the Angels have them.

“[Last year] he got out of the gates really well and went into the break struggling a little bit and then the last eight starts he had were awesome,” Dale Sveum said. “I think it’s one of those things now, a little bit of confidence, and trying to do too much when things get out of whack.”

“Give credit to some really good hitters,” Cubs manager Dale Sveum said. “They get paid a lot of money to hit mistakes and they obviously didn’t miss them tonight.”

The Cubs begin a crucial four game set today against the rival St. Louis Cardinals. I say crucial because the Cubs mathematically can still make a Wild Card spot, but they have to take pretty much all four games against the Cardinals. It’s going to be difficult, but we’ve seen all year the great team that can be the Cubs.


Game time is 8:05 tonight with Edwin Jackson getting the start.


Cubs Lose To The Los Albert Angels

starlin Castro

The Cubs thought Albert Pujols was out of their lives when he headed for the sunny side of Los Angeles. Not so. Last night, it was Mr. Pujols hit a two run shot in the eighth inning and eventually winning the game 4-3.

“It was a perfect pitch for him to hit, pull down left field, and it was probably exactly what he was looking for,” Carlos Villanueva said. “If I throw the pitch and it does what it’s supposed to do, maybe he hits a foul ball. It got too much of the plate and he hit it hard.”

The Cubs didn’t do anything wrong in the loss except perhaps they could have walked Pujols, but what’s done is done.

“We seem to beat a lot of people for seven innings,” Dale Sveum said.

You’re right Mr. Sveum, but let’s be fair for what it is; It was a bad break and you’ll beat them today.

Even though the Cubs couldn’t hang on for the win, Feldmania was alive and well last night. That’s right, Scott Feldman. He only let up two runs in seven innings. Not bad at providing his usual mettle. He certainly outclassed Jared Weaver last night.

“We seem to beat a lot of people through seven innings,” Sveum said. “It tends to be a broken record. Our starters have been great all year.”

It was nice to see Anthony Rizzo and Darwin Barney get on the board with a hit, but was Starlin Castro playing last night? I might have missed that.

You know, there’s a reason, Dale Sveum is a manager. He has to make tough decisions in these times of the games. I wouldn`t want his job. He does it well but he says it very clearly; their starters have been great all year, but where`s the support.

I`m not picking on the Cubs, but there has to be something to change if they stand a chance at the post season.

They try to avenge the loss today when they face Jason Vargas. Game time is 7:05 eastern.


Not in the Cards

Well, Cubs fans have seen this one coming all season.  It’s been a rough season and changes have to be made.  in the wake of Hendry’s release, Tyler Colvin’s walk-off single in the 10th inning propelled the Cubs to an important win over the Cardinals.  Not that I’m dreaming of a miraculous playoff this year but beating their rivals and really putting an end to Jim Hendry’s career with the Cubs is somewhat poetic.

it’s a new beginning for the Cubs.  Jim Hendry had 9 tumultuous years with the organization and he made some good moves and some not so good moves.  I’ve been saying all season long that with the highest pay roll this side of Manhattan and not being able to secure a World Series spot; there’s bound to be some changes.

Nobody can blame it on curses, Black Cats, winds blowing in or blowing out–Hell, being the “lovable losers” will only draw fans in for so long(Yesterday was their biggest attendence since 1978-was it for Hendry or the Cards?)The question at the end of the day is, Can you win any ball games?

Jim Hendry’s record with the Cubs was 749-748.  That’s an ok record if it were some other team, but the Cubs haven’t won a World Series in 103 years so that record should have been better.

Next year starts today.  No more bullshit(yes, that’s what it is).  The Cubs will make the post season next year, Albert Pujols will lead the team in HR’s and Sandberg will be back.

—Mark Gauthier

Whoops part 2

Give Carlos Zambrano credit because he calls it like he sees it,”We stink” and,”It’s embarrassing, we played like a Triple A team”

Yesterday, the Cardinals beat up on the Cubs  3-2 in extra innings.

To add insult to injury, the Cubs were ahead of St Louis going into the ninth.  It was an old teammate, an old friend: someone with the nickname,”The Riot”.

Ryan Theriot got the hit to get the St. Louis Cardinals back in the game and into extra innings for the second straight day.  However, it wasn’t until the bottom of the tenth inning when Albert Pujols blasted the ball way out for the second straight day. Oh, let me say that again.  The second straight day.  Almost the exact same pitch.  Bam!  Who would have thought?  Well, great players know where the ball’s going to be.  Albert Pujols is one of the greatest players and he was doing his job.  Carlos Zambrano is right when he says it was Ryan Theriot’s play that beat the Cubs.  Albert Pujols did not beat the Cubs.

The Cubs have lost six in a row.  Their record drops to 23-34.  That’s unacceptable in baseball where every game counts. If this were hockey where points lie in overtime losses, and shootouts (which I disagree with) that would be all right because it’s a lot easier to crawl out of a hole.  Not in baseball.  Certainly not in Triple A.

—Mark Gauthier


So, yesterday the Cubs lost a close one.  Carlos Pena hit a two run homer of a beauty to tie the game but in the end it was Albert Pujols’ lethal bat that got the best of the Cubs.  Now, some people might think that pitching to Albert that late in the game cost them but in truth, I think it comes down to being a crap shoot.  It’s just that great players can do that at any given time.  A 5-4 12th inning win will do that to someone.

On the upside, I think Carlos Marmol did a redemption from his last game and went 25 scorless innings on the road, a Cubs record!

Aramis Ramirez should be back today and Matt Garza is expected on Monday.

Whatever is happening to the Cubs this year hopefully they can find their mojo and get their groove back.  Plenty of ball to be played.

—Mark Gauthier

Joey Votto wins National League MVP

Cincinnati Reds first baseman Joey Votto was a favourite to win the NL's Most Valuable Player.

Cincinatti Reds first baseman and Etobicoke Ontario native, Joey Votto has won the National League MVP award yesterday.  It was only the third time in baseball history that a Canadian has captured the award.  Larry Walker and Justin Morneau were the other players.

Votto beat out three time winner Albert Pujols with 31 first place votes.  Votto led the Reds to the NL Central title for the first time since 1995.

His season stats are .324 with 37 home runs and 113 RBI’s.

Congratulations Joey!!!!!

–Mark Gauthier