Jake Arrieta Gets 20th Win. Kris Bryant Passes Billy Williams On All Time List

Chicago Cubs

There’s only one thing to add to last night’s 4-0 win over the Milwaukee Brewers that would have made it go from an incredibly historic night, to one of the best written games in the history of baseball. You know what that is,don’t you?

Jake Arrieta pitches a shutout. He records his 20th win of the season and becomes the first Cubs pitcher to do that since John Lieber in 2001. That’s awesome! In fact, I’d go out on a limb to say that if Jake doesn’t win the Cy Young, then maybe there’s some truth to those curse rumours.

“It just means that I’m putting my team in position to win ballgames,” Arrieta said. “At the end of the day, that’s our goal, to try and pile on as many as we can, especially where we are at in the season. Wins now, at this time, are more important than ever. I’m just happy about getting one for the team and keeping the momentum going into tomorrow.”

The Cubs’ Magic number now is 3. They’re still two games back of Pittsburgh and six behind the Cardinals. Those teams just keep on winning.

“The thing that Jake has done, like you saw today, is just the total domination of the other team. He never even permits the other team to come back on us when we’re not scoring a lot of runs. It’s just incredible what he’s done in this second half. It’s Bob Gibson-esque, which for me was my favorite pitcher of all time. I know this, 20 years from now, when he comes back to the reunion of the 2015 team and he stands out on that line, and Arrieta was a 20-game winner, it means something.” Joe Maddon said.

All right, there was another story to last night’s game. Kris Bryant crushed his 26th home run of the season, passing Sweet Swinging Billy Williams as the Cubs all time Rookie home run leader. like Arrieta, Kris Bryant should be a lock for Rookie of The Year.

“I was joking around with Arrieta after the game and told him he always has to outdo me,” Bryant said.

We live in a day and age where athletes make incredible amounts of money. Astronomical. Call it what you will but there’s something different about baseball compared to other team sports. Baseball is an everyman’s sport. Or a game. We see ourselves up at the plate. We dream of hitting that home run with bases loaded full count in the bottom of the ninth. Drama is engrained in the game. Look at Toronto? The stadium is packed and every convenience store across the nation is chock full of Blue Jays merchandise. People are talking baseball. In Canada, hockey season is about to start but around the water coolers it’s all Blue Jays.

Canadians are cheering on the Cubs. We love cheering for the underdogs. ┬áPeople used to ridicule me for liking the Cubs but I love answering questions about the team. In a game where there’s no time limit, baseball is certainly timeless.

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Diamondbacks Can’t Crash Cubs Celebration In Wrigley Field 100

CT wrigley-birthday38.JPG

Well ya gotta hand it to the Diamondbacks, they sure do know how to put a damper on a party. The Cubs fell to Arizona 7-5 in extra innings spoiling the Wrigley 100The celebrations.

Jeff Samardzija and Darwin Barney both had great games for the Cubs. The Shark pitched into the eighth inning while Barney posted a run an RBI. The loss spoiled Samardzija’s chances of getting his first win of the season.

“I’m going out and doing my job,” Jeff Samardzija said. “As a starting pitcher, you know when you’re pitching every fifth day and you come out — you have to have a short memory as a pitcher. You start carrying over start to start, that’s when it starts to snowball on you. You keep doing your work and competing for the team and hope for the best.”

Not only was it a throwback game, the Cubs wearing their Chicago Feds jerseys and Arizona sporting the Kansas City Feds shirts, but in a way having Samardzija pitch into the eighth was kind of like an old school game when pitchers went deep a lot more than they do now.

Even though the Cubs lost and don’t misunderstand me, I was just as heartbroken as James Russell was when the D’Backs tied it up, but the loss was a good loss to take even though it is against Arizona. The Cubs got some runs on the board and of course, Samardzija will get his win soon. Darwin Barney improved and Mike Olt pretty much secured third base everyday.

It’s funny, but I was more excited seeing Ryan Dempster back in a Cubs uniform than seeing Banks, Williams and Jenkins. Sure, it was awesome seeing those guys, but I wasn’t around to watch those guys play. Plus, it was exciting to see Andre Dawson. Then again, the Hawk rules!

“The fans are right on top of you here, and you can hear conversations if you’re close enough to the wall,” Dawson said. “You talk back. A lot of things people don’t realize is that you get in conversations with them. You’d be amazed at some of the things you can talk about.”

Wrigley Field is one of those special places that people don’t forget. It’s an icon in architecture and one of the last places in professional sports that connects people in events to times long ago.

Is this heaven? No, it’s Wrigley Field.

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Cubs Looking For First Home Win

Go Cubs Go!

Go Cubs Go!

It’s great to see Wrigley Field back. Sure the Cubs lost their home opener and things got slightly better yesterday in the 2-0 loss to the Phillies, but it’s stuff that we weren’t all ready expecting, right? We had a great day despite the Cubs loss. Ernie Banks, Billy Williams and the pride of Canada Fergie Jenkins singing Take Me Out To The Ball Game made it awesome. Len Kasper and Jim Deshaies provided the backbone and an excellent job as usual.

In particular, yesterdays loss had some shining spots for Emilio Bonifacio and Starlin Castro. Both Bonifacio and Castro had great days with Bonifacio getting two hits and Castro three hits. Is it time to brand them a nickname? Not yet.

The Cubs are a more exciting team this season than in a while. Bonifacio’s strength on base and Anthony Rizzo attempted bunting yesterday. The Cubs are trying to find ways to win, plain and simple.

“It’s OK if it’s a broken record — you keep repeating it and you keep talking about it,” Rick Renteria said. “You never stop talking about it until you start to understand it and get a good feel for it. A lot of it is more games, just keep getting in more games. I know we didn’t come up with a victory today, but for me, it was a ballgame we were in the whole way.”

Maybe the Cubs should use this season as a practice season for when the prospects come up? The Cubs have to cure that Runners In Scoring Position problem they have. There’s the broken record right there. Once they fix that problem, they might be contenders because they’ve got the talent and hey, it’s great seeing Starlin hitting the ball again. They’ll be singing a different tune.

Carlos Villanueva gets the start today.

Yup, “Baseball season is underway, so you better get ready…”

Believe it.