Reasons To Love Baseball

I have this book called, “1001 Reasons to Love Baseball.” I usually read it this time of year when there’s a late season snowstorm or just get excited about the upcoming season.  It’s a great book with well, 1001 insights into baseball.  I’d like to share a few of these thoughts:

430: The season yet to be played.

582: Haray Caray’s,” Holy Cow!”

705: Satchel Paige–pitched 3 scoreless innings for the A’s at the age of 59

706: Seeing a game for free. (Bleacher seats at Ebbetts Field cost fifty cents.

3: Skipping school or calling in sick to go to the park on Opening Day.

8: Taking vacation days to see spring training games.

13:  You’ve got tickets and the weatherman says “it’s going to be a great day for a ball game.”


These as you can see, are only a few and picked throughout the book. It’s a nice read and gets me excited every year.

—Mark Gauthier