Not in the Cards

Well, Cubs fans have seen this one coming all season.  It’s been a rough season and changes have to be made.  in the wake of Hendry’s release, Tyler Colvin’s walk-off single in the 10th inning propelled the Cubs to an important win over the Cardinals.  Not that I’m dreaming of a miraculous playoff this year but beating their rivals and really putting an end to Jim Hendry’s career with the Cubs is somewhat poetic.

it’s a new beginning for the Cubs.  Jim Hendry had 9 tumultuous years with the organization and he made some good moves and some not so good moves.  I’ve been saying all season long that with the highest pay roll this side of Manhattan and not being able to secure a World Series spot; there’s bound to be some changes.

Nobody can blame it on curses, Black Cats, winds blowing in or blowing out–Hell, being the “lovable losers” will only draw fans in for so long(Yesterday was their biggest attendence since 1978-was it for Hendry or the Cards?)The question at the end of the day is, Can you win any ball games?

Jim Hendry’s record with the Cubs was 749-748.  That’s an ok record if it were some other team, but the Cubs haven’t won a World Series in 103 years so that record should have been better.

Next year starts today.  No more bullshit(yes, that’s what it is).  The Cubs will make the post season next year, Albert Pujols will lead the team in HR’s and Sandberg will be back.

—Mark Gauthier

Carlos Silva Released

I’m sure everyone else is weighing in on the Carlos Silva situation.  I might as well too.  I like Silva and thought he pitched well last year, but as Spring Training 2011 has shown, there has been a lot more pitchers that are better than him.

Here’s the thing:  Carlos criticized the Cubs for the way they’ve handled him this spring.  Last year, Milton Bradley was made an example.  History repeats itself.

The Cubs have a business to run.  They have a World Series to win.  They have to provide quality entertainment for the millions of fans who lineup at the gates, tune in to the radio and tv and purchase all the memorabilia that their basements can fill.  That’s professional sports.

Carlos Silva is not acting professional.  There are plenty of kids who attend spring camps with hopes of wearing the same uniform as one of their heroes.  In this case, Silva was out played and underachieved.  Get over it, move on and play somewhere else.

I would rather have a young kid up on the mound proving to everyone and himself why he should be there.  If he loses, who cares?  As long as he tries, he will get better and he will earn the respect of the fans.

In this case, we have Cashner, Mateo and Coleman who want that job more badly than Silva and most importantly, they’re not whiners.

Jim Hendry said it best,”He seems to make a continual habit of blaming everybody but himself”

—Mark Gauthier

What A Game!

So when I tuned into the ballgame yesterday, it was 12-9 and somehow they turned it around and won 14-13?  That’s beautiful.  Don’t worry, I’m not popping champagne just yet, but a come from behind win is a really good sign.

The hitting was spread out evenly which is good to see.Vitters had a good game with two runs.

Ok, Here’s something that’s irking me;  They have to drop Maddux’s title of,”Special Assistant to Jim Hendry”  What is a special assistant? The Cubs have just got to give him a title all ready.  He’s a pitching coach.  Admit it.

—Mark Gauthier


Wanna Have a Catcher?

The Cubs claimed Max Ramirez off  waivers from the Boston Red Sox on Monday.  Ramirez hit .217 with two HR and eight RBI’s in just 28 games with the Texas Rangers last year.

It’s an interesting move for the Cubs because they all ready have Koyie Hill and Geovanny Soto, but it looks like the Cubs are going to keep Ramirez down in the minors as a “Just in case” scenerio.

I’m starting to believe I’ve been too harsh on Hendry.  Things are shaping up and although it’s too early to make predictions, I think once spring training is underway(and let me tell you that I might be one of the few people at least this side of the border, that watches as many spring training games as possible. It chases the winter blues away and builds the excitement for the summer ahead.) we’ll have a clear indication of who the starters will be.

—Mark Gauthier