Cubs Down Mets In Come From Behind Thriller

Cubs 7, Mets 4


The Cubs are inching their way to the top. After last night’s 7-4 comeback victory over the New York Mets they’re only three games back of the Brewers. Perhaps the Cubs are finding their swing again, but the caveat being this is the Mets.

Four really good things happened in last night’s game. Kyle Schwarber hit his 11th big one of the season, Ben Zobrist continues to be well, Ben Zobrist, Albert Almora has one sick glove that nobody outside of Cubdom is aware of and Tommy La Stella quietly goes about getting hits. If he were in the Rolling Stones, he’d be Charlie Watts.

“More than anything, my swing actually feels right,” Zobrist said. “That’s kind of the key. I search for that most of the time, and when I find it, it just comes a little easier and I can drive the ball more and square up more balls. That’s when I know I’m in a good spot.”

The Cubs came back last night, but is it a true indication of the way they can play or is it against the not so great teams that they’ve been able to beat? Sure, they’ve got the Brewers’ number but they’ve only beaten the Pirates, Mets, Rockies, Braves and Marlins. Throw in the Reds, Giants and we don’t count the White Sucks. Outside of Atlanta and Colorado( not counting the Brewers because they’re in the same division) the Cubs haven’t really won. I’m being critical here because I still feel that come August to October, the Cubs are going to run into a whole mess of problems unless they do what they’ve done the last couple of seasons and turn on the afterburners in the second half of the season.

“It’s just a matter of time with all of these guys to get them where they normally are and the back of the bubblegum card reads well,” Joe Maddon said.

Nobody’s denying that the Cubs have the potential. They’ve got a great team and Javier Baez is going to punch his ticket to the All Star Game but they’ve got to figure out their chemistry quickly.

So I have question for you guys, when you’re not watching the Cubs, which teams do you watch if you pick one from each division?

  • Toronto Blue Jays (They don’t call me the Canuck Cubbie for nothing)
  • Detroit Tigers (A friend of mine’s favourite team)
  • Oakland Athletics (Rollie Fingers was one of my favourite players growing up and their ties to Ottawa Ontario my hometown)
  • New York Mets (I can’t stand Atlanta and still sore about Montreal moving to Washington)
  • Pittsburgh Pirates( That Stove Top cap was my first ball cap. I loved the Pirates as a kid because the very first ball game I went to was an Expos/Pirates game where I got the cap. A couple of years ago, we visited Pittsburgh and not only is PNC my favourite park outside of Wrigley Field, but they have awesome fans. We were talking to the folks sitting behind us and they said that if the Pirates don’t make it, they’ll cheer for the Cubs. I’m returning the favour. )
  • San Francisco Giants (This is a good one. This has a connection to Ottawa’s Triple A team of the 1950’s, Ottawa Giants. Same kind of connection to the Oakland Athletics.)

Believe it



Cubs Take Mets To School



You know, it’s a real treat when Kyle Hendricks plays. I’m not taking anything away from the other starters, but in yesterday’s win over the Mets, the Cubs looked and felt like winners as if they were playoff contenders. In other words, they looked good. Yes, the Cubs showed the Mets what a couple of rookies can do for a club. 4-1, baby!

The unfortunate part about these late call ups is the ineligibility for MVP’s or Cy Youngs. Don’t jump all over me for even suggesting Javier Baez and Kyle Hendricks in the same breath with these awards, but imagine, what if?

What if they played all season long? Would Anthony Rizzo be looking at 48 Home Runs instead of the still awesome 28? How many of those rockets would Javier Baez be sending out into the stands? What about Starlin Castro?

“Having a lot of young guys coming up, we’ve played together for a long time, so it makes it more comfortable and it’s easier to play — you feel more comfortable out there,” Hendricks said.

Well gosh, that makes a whole lot of sense. These rooks have been playing together a lot in the well documented “Farm System Supreme” that the Cubs have been touting for quite some time now. Even though children are¬†putting their backpacks at the door and school bus drivers are cleaning their machines, I’m glad Cubs fans are getting a chance to have a glimpse at the future.

The key issue is control and patience. The all ready awesome Kyle Hendricks needs to reel it in a bit. He’s got many years ahead of himself.

Javier Baez will learn his patience but man, am I glad he’s getting his chance.

“Over the long haul, he understands that if he’s swinging at pitches that are really unhandable, they’re going to keep [throwing them], for sure,” Renteria said. “He’s 21 years old. He’s learning.”

Believe it.


Cubs Take it On The Chin

Fans cheer on their ace, Travis Wood after he clubs his two run shot

Fans cheer on their ace, Travis Wood after he clubs his two run shot

The Cubs are suffering the ,”Coulda, Woulda, Shoulda” Blues this morning after a tough loss to the NY Mets 4-3 yesterday.

Again, it was the Cubs pitching staff that came through for them yesterday when Travis Wood worked his magic on both sides of the plate. Travis Wood knocked a two run home run in the fifth inning.

“We struck out twice with guys on third base and [one out], so those kinds of things come back to haunt you,” manager Dale Sveum said.

Yes, they did come back to haunt the Cubs, who were leading most of the game, but couldn’t hang on for the win.

It’s ironic though, that it was Travis Wood that would have put the Cubs in the win column, but it was Travis Wood that released that now infamous ugly pitch in the eighth inning to Juan Legares and watched the ball being crushed into the stands.

“As soon as it left the hand, I didn’t like it,” Wood said of the fat pitch Juan Lagares deposited into the left-field bleachers for a two-run homer to tie the game. “I was hoping he would pop it up or something, but he didn’t.”

Cubs catcher, Wellington Castillo had a great game going 2-4. I tell ya, the Duke is going to be around when the Cubs make it to the World Series.

So, the Cubs played extremely well yesterday, but ran out of luck towards the end.

Sure, it counts as a loss in the standings, but I think they’re coming together and are turning into a tough team to beat.

“We had a chance to break that game open in different situations,” Dale Sveum said. “From the dugout (Sweeney) looked out, and the replay … it was maybe a tie. We took some bad turns around the bases.”

That my friends, is baseball.

An off day today before the Cubs visit beautiful Pittsburgh with Matt Garza returning to the mound on Tuesday. Game time is 7:05 eastern.

It’s going to be good.


Carlos”The Villan” Villanueva Hits Rockies Bottom

Carlos Villanueva

The Cubs/Rockies game didn’t go well last night. First off, the Cubs lost 9-4. Carlos “The Villan” Villanueva did not have a great outing, and you know what that means? once Matt Garza gets back, Well, Cubs fans can fill in the blanks.

“Obviously, I have my own opinions,” Villanueva said. “Obviously, a move will be made. A night like tonight didn’t help my cause. I’ll take the ball whenever they need me to. I’d like to contribute and to win as many ballgames as we can. In the end, it really doesn’t matter that much what I think. Whatever happens will happen and they’ll make their decisions. We’re professionals here and we’ll handle it like professionals.”

Hector Rondon came in to replace Villanueva in the sixth inning after giving up seven runs over five.

The good news is Carlos is a great pitcher and I’m sure he’ll find a home in the organization.

“You chalk it up to a bad day at the office. It’s easy when you’re out there to put your head down in a game like today, but for me, it was try to get out of it and try to stay in as long as I could. It’s just a tough day all around.”

Maybe that was just it with last night’s game. it was a tough day at the office, lick your wounds and do it again.

“There wasn’t a whole lot he had tonight,” Sveum said.

I have to give credit to Dale Sveum for keeping The Villan in the game. Sure, it was a tough outing, but it also builds character and this is the time of year to try things out and experiment. Isn’t this the season for the Cubs to do that?

There was a fantastic play by Michael Bowden to ground out Edgmer Escalona. I can’t find a video to show you, but it was an amazing grab!!

The Cubs try to salvage the series tonight at 8:05 eastern before they host the Mets on Friday.