Cubs Out of The Frying Pan and Into The Friar Against Padres

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That was a tough one, no doubt about it. The Padres pounded the Cubs 8-3 it was almost a polar opposite to the night before where the Cubs treated the Padres like a Pee Wee team. Ah, but such is life with an up and down baseball club. Tsuyoshi Wada wasn’t as lucky as Kyle Hendricks in getting his first win.

“It seemed like he just didn’t get into a rhythm,” Rick Renteria said of Wada. “When you were watching him on the mound today, he was constantly fidgeting and it seemed like he was trying to get loose. He was grinding through it.”

There was some good news within the organization yesterday. Prospect, Javier Baez was conveniently moved to second base at Triple A Iowa. Hmn, one day removed of Darwin Barney being Designated For Assignment and Baez being moved to Second Base. It doesn’t mean a thing, but—

“The Baez second-base thing is really more big-picture than anything else,” Jed Hoyer said. “We want to increase his versatility. We thought it was the right thing to do to start putting him there. … These moves are not connected.”

So why did they make the move if they weren’t going to make a decision on something? Everything has a reason and moving Baez to second more likely than none means someday soon, we might just see Baez in one of those nifty retro uniforms.

Hey, what about Brian Schlitter’s awesome grab yesterday? As Jim Deshaies so astutely commented, “It’s an add for Selsun Blue!”

It’s Edwin Jackson on the mound tonight. Should be interesting.

Believe It.


Cubs Prayers Are Answered With Win Over Padres

Soriano watches a two run shot go.

Soriano watches a two run shot go.

So, being the patriot that I am, I was watching that thrill ride of a game over in the World Baseball Classic that was Canada vs USA. Yes, up until the 8th, it looked like Canada was going to beat the US and advance to the next round, but then the funny thing happened and the States bats came alive and they fired back to beat Canada. In the Canadian tradition of,”Well, at least the Canucks put up a good show against the US” doesn’t cut it here. Both teams played amazing and it was one of the most exciting baseball games I’ve ever seen(next to that Tampa Bay/Yankees game a couple of years ago which sent Tampa to the playoffs-look that one up)Congratulations to the US for advancing, and cheers to Canada for making everyone believe there’s more than hockey in this great land.

After I was sulking in the loss to the US, my wife tells me that at least the Cubs won 9-3 over the Padres. It’s the only time I’ve ever said,”It’s only Spring Training”

What do you mean,”It’s only Spring Training?” All right, this cheered me up because I think it’s been the first time this training that the Cubs showed the flashes and sneak peeks of the years to come(with the exception of Anthony Rizzo playing for Italy)

Alfonso Soriano hit a Two Run Double and Christian Villanueva homered and what about Jorge Soler? He hit one out of the park. Great job guys! Up next is the Diamondbacks today at 4:10.

Working Out The Kinks

So, I missed yesterday’s ballgame.  We had company, but It looks like I didn’t miss much.  Spring Training is a time for working out the kinks, clearing the dust and cobwebs  from the corners and finding out just where things go.  Spring cleaning works pretty much the same way around our house.  I love cleaning.  I love spring training.  People think I’m crazy,”It doesn’t count.”  or,”What’s the point?”

So, I after seeing the score against the Padres (and for those of you not in the know, it was 14-4) a pretty bad score by any other standard but this being Cactus League play, let’s break down the Box Score:

Fukodome got one hit and a run. He continues to shine in the lead-off position.  Let’s keep him there. 

Marlon Byrd wasn’t in the lineup.

One word:  TYLER COLVIN.  ok, that’s two words but he got one hit, one run and two walks.  He’s going to be a star this year.

Reed Johnson is his usual best with a hit and a run.  The Cubs did a great job getting him back.

Pitching is still a little shaky.  Matt Garza is struggling but he got off to a rough start but you know, the best players bring their game come the regular season.  I’d give him some rest.

Despite yesterday’s loss, the Cubs are in good shape for Opening Day.

—Mark Gauthier

A Lazy Saturday

One of the great things about listening to baseball on the radio is you don’t have the luxury of a visual.  It also seems strange in this day and age where everything is a point and a click away.  Yesterday our family relaxed in the living room as the Cubs powered their way pass the Padres.

We listened to the game on the radio, well through Gameday Audio, but it was almost like a throw back to the days when families listened to the radio at night.  It was nice. 

The Cubs won 9-4 

Although I fell asleep halfway through and caught awoke for a few more innings, it also made me realise how enjoyable baseball is on the radio.

—Mark Gauthier