The Chicago White Sucks (Sorry, I couldn’t resist)

A funny thing happened last night as I tuned into the Cubs game halfway through. The score was 6-3 for the Northsiders, so I was like,”Great, I’ll sit down for a nice home cooked meal that Mary Beth made for me.” It was a rice with spinach dish that was incredible, I put a little Soy Sauce on it… oh yeah, the game.

After supper was through, I went back to the game and saw that it was 12-3. Where did these six runs come from? Not the Cubs you say? It has to be a mistake, a typo those guys at Comcast must be having computer problems. No, these guys were for real.

Let’s talk about Alfonso Soriano. Ok, the Cubs are sitting second last in the league. Big Deal. Lovable losers, I doubt it. Nobody remembers who finished last. oh yeah, this is sports and in particular, baseball. There are statistics for everything.

Alfonso Soriano here’s his mug:

I’m not going to jump on any band wagon by saying,”I knew he was good.” and all that. I wear his jersey, but he has got to go. However, truth be told, Alfonso Soriano has got some of the most wicked tools (and a wicked contract). Last night, he wacked his 13th home run. This is in a season that many consider a right off and here comes Soriano going yard 13 freakin’ times and it comes when he’s DH’ ing. A franchise record! Besides, the Cubs got 5 homers in the game!

Who would have thought that one?

Well, everyone. Does Soriano look like he’ll be traded soon? will he be somebody’s DH? Will the Cubs win the World Series?

Tune in folks,


There’s No Place like A Homer

So the $10 million dollar man Carlos Pena, hit his third home run in the Crosstown series.  So why can’t they win the close ones?  I don’t know.  Get ready for the rematch because not only do they play by NL rules, but I’m expecting some more players to come off the DL list.  So, here’s the quote of the week:

“We’re winning as a team and losing as a team.” Doug Davis said. 

I don’t know what to make of this quote.  It’s not something I’d say however I guess if it’s what motivates the team then it’ll have to do.

Back to Carlos Pena.  He’s the first Cubs player to homer in three consecutive games since, you guessed it; Derrick Lee.  The man he replaced.  Isn’t that crazy?

Next up is the Royals tomorrow and I’m predicting a sweep for the Cubs.