Lester To The Cubs


In what has got to be one of the worst kept secrets in the game, Lefty, Jon Lester has agreed to a supposedly 6 year/$155 million big ones contract to play for a team that hasn’t won a championship since before the Titanic left on her maiden voyage.

That’s right folks, he’s playing for the Cubs. It’s a reunion with Theo Epstein and suddenly, overnight, February just can’t get here anytime sooner.

So, what does this mean for our Northsiders? Last time I checked, Vegas had them at 20-1 to win the World Series.

“It’s not often you get to win the lottery,” Cubs manager Joe Maddon said. “We won the baseball lottery so far this year. It’s up to us now to put it in effect.

That’s right, Mr. Maddon. Landing Lester was the easy part, but there’s a championship that needs to be won.

I’m not getting my hopes up, but that’s a lot of money to spend on a pitcher or any player. Ok, I’m cheap. If I were a GM, I’d be sitting way back in the Winter Meetings.

On the other hand, Jon Lester just might be that piece to complete a potential Cubs run to the post season. That my friends, would be awesome.

But wait! What if he gets injured, how will fans react? Will they be screaming for Epstein’s head? Is Lester another Soriano? Sorry about this next one but Edwin Jackson?

Sorry Ed.

To put it bluntly; The Cubs look good.

They’ve got the youth, the speed and now, the southpaw that will chisel batters in that square in front of the mound, so fast and ¬†with pinpoint accuracy;

Hell, it’ll be a modern masterpiece.

Of course, this is the Cubs. Bad Mojo happens. I’ve got coffee table books filled with lore and legends, black cats and billy goats.

As I’m writing this, a lady bug just crawled across my keyboard.

Believe it,


Funeral for a fan and a legend

Yesterday, friends and family came to share their experiences and anecdotes about the late Ron Santo.

It’s ironic to think that Ron Santo passed away shortly before the Winter Meetings.  If there was a better time for a him, that was it.  The Winter Meetings bring hope and,”What if’s” for fans and players alike. There’s no one better to pass the torch than Ron Santo.

It’s also ironic to think that Mr. Santo’s funeral was the day after the meetings.  Just as the Cubs signed Carlos Pena and started dreaming about a run for the World Series.

Next year his #10 will flap proudly over Wrigley Field and the Cubs.  He didn’t bring a World Series to Chicago, he brought something better;  He brought hope and the love of the game.  I’m sure someday when the longest drought in sports history is over, we’ll all look over our shoulders or tilt our heads to the sky, we’ll hear something but don’t know exactly where it came from, “Unbelievable, the Cubs win!”

—Mark Gauthier

Winter Meetings

With the winter meetings coming up, what will the Cubs do?  Aside from a first and second baseman, the Cubs need some kind of spark to power the team.  Last year, Castro committed over 20 errors, but hey, he’s a rookie we can forgive him.  I still think he should have been rookie of the year.  Sorry Buster, my loyalty comes first.

Marlon Byrd had a crazy year and I think the outfield is locked in with Soriano, Byrd and Colvin.  However, question marks are plenty because this isn’t the same team that was 07-08.

The Cubs have $103 million all ready spent on players which on paper all ready bought them the world series.  Unfortunately, people don’t read papers and decide who the champs are.

Fukodome is a bust.  Soto was rookie of the year and hasn’t played his best since.  I still have hope for him.  I’ll give him one more year.

Pitching is the strongest and I think that won’t be a problem with the young arms, Dempster and of course Carlos Marmol to bring it all home.

This is the contract year for Ramirez and Soriano.  I expect them to do big things and carry the team.

Expect the Cubs to go cheap. 

—Mark Gauthier