Cubs’ Jon Lester Struggles Continue

Jon Lester

I guess the Chicago Cubs didn’t get the memo, you know the one that mentions Yoenis Cespedes most powerful arm? Yeah, and he threw Junior Lake out at home. Now I know you might jump all over me when I say he should have stayed at third but with Cespedes out there, that’s exactly what he should have done.

The Cubs were beaten 6-0.

Jon Lester had his work cut out for him and lasted only five innings before being swapped for Edwin Jackson. Yeah, a multi kajillion dollar pitcher being switched up for another multi kajillion dollar thrower.

“Detroit’s always been a tough one for me — I don’t know why,” Lester said. “I guess it’s one of those teams that you struggle with.”

It’s not one of those teams “You struggle with” Ok, I’m a little miffed at that statement. Whatever Lester is struggling with, he’s got to fix. Pronto.

There are other pitchers on the squad that will steal his thunder like Mr. Arrieta and Jason Hammel.

All right, so I have to give Jon some credit. He shoulders the blame by taking responsibility for himself. I do know that he’s working on his stuff and he’ll get better.

“It’s not good,” Lester said of his recent outings. “I’m not getting deep into games. Regardless of runs, hits, errors, walks, strikeouts, whatever, I’ve got to do a better job pitching innings. That’s what it comes down to.”

He’s probably at this moment going over the video of last night’s job and he’ll get better. Being the number one guy does not mean throwing a 90+ speedball is going to get an out everytime. Be creative like Kyle Hendricks.

I’m just some poor schmuck from the really cheap seats in Canada whose only 90 mile an hour pitch only comes from a sneeze. It’s easy for me to say this but from where I’m sitting, Jon Lester doesn’t look so good. I’ll tell you what , I’m challenging you. Anytime, anywhere. I bet you I can hit one of your awesome pitches.

Believe it.

You’re An All Star To Me, Yoenis


It comes to me as no surprise that Yoenis Cespedes won the Home Run Derby. He hit 17 in round one and six in the second. I’m still puzzled as to why Cespedes didn’t make the all star game.

“Before I came,” Cespedes said, “they asked me if I was going to be nervous because I would be participating in front of possibly 50,000 people. When I was in Cuba, I participated in five Home Run Derbies; it wasn’t 50,000 people, but it was 30,000 or 32,000 people and I wasn’t nervous.”

If you remember way back a few weeks ago, when the Athletics were playing the Cubs, Yoenis threw Starlin Castro out at home. Remember?

Which brings me to another point; Should they do away with fan vote ins for the All Star Game and just send players to the game on statistics alone? C’mon, I’m not afraid to admit I voted for our beloved Chicago Cubs.

I think it’s only fair to do it that way. I know I’d like to see the best of the best at the All Star Game showcasing their talents. It just seems to me that the All Star Game becomes too much of a popularity contest and less of a talent contest. When I was a kid I never thought these guys were vote ins I just really believed they were the real deal.

But in a game filled with PED’s, does it really matter anymore?


Starlin Castro Sees Yoenis’ Rockets Red Glare

Starlin Castro, Derek Norris

Travis Wood may have sealed the deal in the All Star game after yesterday’s excellent performance against the Oakland Athletics. Even though the Cubs lost 1-0, Travis Wood proved he can play with the best gaining 16 quality starts this season.

“Today I didn’t give up a run,” he said. “But other starts, I’ve had ’em right there and they get the big hit. Against Houston three starts ago they got the three-run homer there to tie up the ballgame, and that can’t happen. I’ve just got to find a way to step it up a little more.”

Aw Shucks, the famous Travis Wood humility again. They’ll be posting the lineups tomorrow for the All Star game and I really hope Travis Wood and Nate Schierholtz get nods. They’ve played so well in a tough season for the Cubs.

“He’s been our All-Star, no question about it,” Dale Sveum said of Wood. “He’s had some very unfortunate incidents and his earned run average would be quite a bit better than it is without some unfortunate, strange occurrences.”

The Cubs may have won the ball game except an odd run by Starlin Castro, who is quickly falling out of step with me and I think many Cubs fans after trying to run for home with one out in the fourth inning. Oakland Ace Left Fielder Yoenis Cespedes fired a rocket and Castro was out at home. I don’t know why he didn’t stay at third. just in case you’re reading this Starlin, “Stay at third.”

“I thought I was going to be safe easy,” Castro said. “I was running hard right away.”

As God is my witness, I thought Turkeys can fly.

The Cubs face the mighty Pittsburgh Pirates today. Jeff “The Shark” Samardzija is hoping for a blockbuster performance. Game time is 4:05 eastern.