The Future

Did the Cubs take to heart the term, “Lazy Days of Summer”?  Last night, the Cubs started well with Castro’s homer but then the Brewers showed them why they’re leading the Central Division and Darwin Barney committed a couple of errors in an inning.  All’s forgiven.  A learning curve and at this state of the season, it’s all about prepping for the next.

Ok, I think I’ll cheer for the Brewers in the post season, and who doesn’t like beer?.  When a team gets beat by the best, there’s a lot of respect that goes around.  Just remember, Milwaukee, the Cubs are coming back next year with a bang.  You’ll see.

—Mark Gauthier

The Young Guns

Starlin Castro sat out for one game because of poor play from the night before.  was it a disciplinary thing by Mike Quade or was it frustration?  The thing is that Starlin Castro leads the League in hits and that’s a good thing.  The performances by the Cubs younger players like Castro, Darwin Barney, the amazing Tony Campana and Tyler Colvin have been nothing short of outstanding this year. 

It’s the play by the veterans that have been sub par(with the exception of Ramirez and Pena).  So, I don’t know if benching Castro for the game was the right idea.  He needs to play and even if it is lacklustre, he needs to be there, to get experience and to take his lumps like any seasoned veteran.  That’s the facts.  I’ve been watching the Cubs this year because of their young stars.  Campana’s amazing speed(He’s probably the fastest player in the majors) is exciting and Barney’s incredible intuition for the play and he’s without a doubt, one of the best all around players in the game.  Not flashy, but a gamebreaker.  I wouldn’t compare him to Reed Johnson, but maybe, ok, Darwin is a smart player.  Tyler Colvin has gone out and put to work his practice in triple A.  perhaps he’s a clutch player and he’s done the job he’s supposed to do.  Starlin Castro?  Future Hall of Famer.

Good years ahead

—Mark Gauthier

Not in the Cards

Well, Cubs fans have seen this one coming all season.  It’s been a rough season and changes have to be made.  in the wake of Hendry’s release, Tyler Colvin’s walk-off single in the 10th inning propelled the Cubs to an important win over the Cardinals.  Not that I’m dreaming of a miraculous playoff this year but beating their rivals and really putting an end to Jim Hendry’s career with the Cubs is somewhat poetic.

it’s a new beginning for the Cubs.  Jim Hendry had 9 tumultuous years with the organization and he made some good moves and some not so good moves.  I’ve been saying all season long that with the highest pay roll this side of Manhattan and not being able to secure a World Series spot; there’s bound to be some changes.

Nobody can blame it on curses, Black Cats, winds blowing in or blowing out–Hell, being the “lovable losers” will only draw fans in for so long(Yesterday was their biggest attendence since 1978-was it for Hendry or the Cards?)The question at the end of the day is, Can you win any ball games?

Jim Hendry’s record with the Cubs was 749-748.  That’s an ok record if it were some other team, but the Cubs haven’t won a World Series in 103 years so that record should have been better.

Next year starts today.  No more bullshit(yes, that’s what it is).  The Cubs will make the post season next year, Albert Pujols will lead the team in HR’s and Sandberg will be back.

—Mark Gauthier

The Drama Continues

I don’t know what to say after that bad game Carlos Marmol played.  What happened?  I thought I was watching a different game but man, did he blow it!  I still like the guy but something was off.  A grand slam!! 

Speakin of Slam, Sammy Sosa…

In other news, Carlos Zambrano got advice from someone with a corked bat to someone who goes off half corked–brilliant!  Don’t retire!  Well, I think Big Z’s over stayed his welcome.  I know I’m through with his shenanigans–that’s right, I said shenanigans.

So, back to Marmol:  Quade thinks his skills are diminished but chalk it up to having a bad year.  Carlos is the type of player who will rebound and work hard in the off season.  it doesn’t help when there are so many distractions in the clubhouse this year.  it’s got to take an effect on everyone.  Marmol’s blown effort is right out of a Hollywood script.  Bases loaded, one out away from the win and Wham!!!!!  Grand Slam!

That was really hard to take.

—Mark Gauthier



Back From Nova Scotia

Well, we’re back from our amazing trip to the east coast.  It is always beautiful to get out there and see family and the ocean.  I never get tired of that.

Some of the hilights from our trip were The Miner’s Museum.  Let me tell you, some of the hardships that those workers went through was just numbing and sobering.  I think we have it easy going to work and complaining a bit.

We went to Louisburg and it was cool seeing the way early settlers lived. 

It was a great trip that ended way too soon.

So, now for the Cubs.  I should take more vacations because as soon as we left, the Cubs went on a tear!  They’ve won 12 of  15.  Hmmn, August has been very kind to the Cubs.  I don’t think they’ll be in the post season but never count them out.  I’m being realistic.

I haven’t been watching much baseball but keeping an ear open.  Now that we’re back, I can get caught up.  What’s happening to Zambrano?  Wow, maybe it is time for him to move on.

Trevor Gretzky is officially a Cub and I’m looking forward to seeing him play.  Hopefully he’s a chip off the old block!!!

Really, I’ve missed a lot but if the Cubs keep playing like they’re playing, it’s going to be an exciting finish!!!!

—Mark Gauthier