Cubs On The Hunt In Detroit

Chicago Cubs Jake Arrieta

So perhaps Jake Arrieta should take over the number one position in the rotation and drop Lester to number two, waddya think? Last night, the Cubs put the Tigers on the endangered list after a 12-3 drubbing in Detroit.

They haven’t won a World Series in forever, but nobody could tell by last night’s performance. It looked like Jake Arrieta was going to have a no hitter but he’ll take the win instead.

“He was solid,” Montero said of Arrieta. “There was one bad pitch that cost him three runs, but other than that, he threw the ball outstanding. I don’t think they looked too comfortable at the plate.”

No they didn’t and Anthony Gose didn’t look comfortable in the outfield either. The Cubs kept him busy for sure. Chris Coghlan hit a three run monster in the fourth to put the Cubs up and they never looked back.

“We played good baseball [on the trip] and finished strongly against a really good team,” Cubs manager Joe Maddon said.

He hits the nail on the head when he says that. It’s a confidence booster to win those games against the good teams especially when it comes to Inter League play.

Did anyone notice in last night’s game that Anthony Rizzo has one of the most terrifying stances in baseball? Yeah, I wouldn’t want to be the pitcher staring at that mug. He always looks like he means business. He’s slowly becoming the number one first baseman in the National league.

“I think it was a successful trip,” Arrieta said. “We accomplished a lot. It’s a game-by-game situation for us. Regardless of struggle or end on a high note with a victory, we’re able to put it behind us and come out ready to play the next day, focused on the task at hand. And that’s why we’re able to win against good teams.”

So, if Joe Maddon is the creative guy that we think he is, then maybe he should drop Lester in the rotation. That’s my two cents on that. Jake’s earned the number one spot.

Believe it


  1. Compwhiz 3001 · June 11, 2015

    Well for my part I am grateful opposing teams are terrified pitching to Rizzo. I hope it pays dividends down the stretch. And it does not matter their order in the rotation – for now Jake is the #1.


    • Mark Gauthier · June 11, 2015

      You’re right about the order. I think it would send a message to Lester that no job is safe. Pitchers are human and Jon’s a pro but he needs to do something.


      • Compwhiz 3001 · June 11, 2015

        Unfortunately that begs the old question…how do you motivate a signed free agent who is now set for life money-wise? I am not suggesting Lester is already figuratively putting his feet up and watching the payckecks roll in. Only that it is tough to apply pressure to a guy in his position to make him get better.


      • Mark Gauthier · June 11, 2015

        That’s true. He’s a competitor, but maybe it’s just the National League adjustment as well?


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